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almost 4 years ago

25nl + 50nl zoom videos

super appreciate the feedback. here are some of my thoughts on what you said

I think you might be right in that my UTG range might be a little bit too loose. So far in my smallish 1...

almost 4 years ago

25nl + 50nl zoom videos

So i just started playing online again and ive been recording some sessions of myself playing as sort of a semi journal sort of thing. i record my sessions in full with commentary about my tho...

over 5 years ago

Zoom Poker : Episode One

great video, thanks for turning off the sound this time I really appreciate it

over 5 years ago

DC Shorts : Ansky (#16) - Zoom Teaser

Agree with points above, but your vids are always awesome anyway that im sure this series will be good too

edit: I don't know if i speak for everyone, but I think i would really pref...

almost 6 years ago

The Baluga Show : Episode One

round 4 i dont agree with your conclusion at all.

the first most obvious thing to point out is to even simply conclude that your opponent is bluffing by the fact that he snap folded t...

almost 6 years ago

Ansky's Antics : Episode Eight

personally as someone who has been playing micros lately and dealing with alot more fish i feel like the KT hand is a pretty standard call. alot of passive fish will flat AK here preflop and i ...

about 6 years ago

Ansky's Antics : Episode One

new ansky series, time to renew my subscription. now that whitelime, fwf, and wiltontilt aren't making regular series you are probably both the most educational and entertaining coach on DC by ...

about 6 years ago

What to do with this Straight-Flush Draw?

First off, I think u are way underestimating the strength of your draw. Im getting stacks in 99% if a Q comes because villain is virtually never folding a straight here and we beat almost all o...

almost 7 years ago

Best PLO vids for PLO noobs.

Hey guys looking to get into PLO just wondering where a good place to start is, Any good beginner series that takes you from scratch?

about 7 years ago

Bluff raising flop considerations.

[quote]I will probably write a little something up at some point but here is a good start for you:

Thanks mate.