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about 8 years ago

Mentor : Ansky (#1) - 100NL Heads Up

great video, i dont get why people hate on Gugel. i thought he was pretty damn funny.

also thought it was great he tried to defend his plays, no matter how unreasonable they might hav...

over 8 years ago

The Thin Red Line : Episode One

great stuff. especially liked the bit about honest and dishonest villians, should be really helpful. one of the few vids im gonna watch again.

i say that as a plo only player.

over 8 years ago

PLO Pro : Episode Four

hey again,

rewatched parts of the episode and after your discussion about the last hand (steves 9658 ss on 28379r board) i have to ask you about something i been trying to wrap my hea...

over 8 years ago

PLO Pro : Episode Four

hey Vanessa and Steve!

just wanted to say great series, its good to see some advanced plo stuff. Vanessa, i love it when you discuss concepts abstractly, it seems you thought them thr...

over 8 years ago

PLO Commonalities : Episode Six

looking forward to watching this. too bad its "near its end". this was by far the best plo series i´ve seen. no empty talk, no fancy plays, just packed valueable information.
ty michaelsc...

almost 9 years ago

PLO Commonalities : Episode Two

Awesome. instawatching this.

almost 9 years ago

2 Months, 2 Million : Episode One

lol the AK hand at 30:00 is gold. JRock0205 is baller.

almost 9 years ago

The Eightfold Path to Poker Enlightenment : Episode One

not putting this all up now is prolonging the pain. pretty cruel really.

almost 9 years ago

Holdem Manager for Omaha

you should make a "Get HEM - 38% off here!" banner on the homepage or something. didnt even see that promo and bought it for the full price.

almost 9 years ago

Had taken a couple tough beats...than this....Really lost here

fistpump shove unless hes really passive,. cant imagine that someone would not raise KK on that flop. far more likely he has 9TJAdd or something of that nature, and that excact hand is pretty mu...