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DJ Cautious On Stars: The Worst Player In The World

I Lost $1000 dollars Two Days Ago and I Feel Great!!!

2010-07-07 07:01 AM

Very random title you may say but I lost the equalivent of $1000 playing live in London playing plo on Monday and I feel great.. Why you might ask? Its because for the first time in a long time I reisted the urge to run back the next day and jump straight back into the game and win my money back. I am happy I protected myself before I went to the casnio and only brought enough that I ... <a href="/blogs/howmuchyougotleft/31281-I-Lost-1000-dollars-Two-Days-Ago-and-I-Feel-Great-">(continued)</a>


432A Badugi Poker

Carbon poker PL Badugi freeroll

2010-05-14 11:52 PM

Carbon poker’s $200 badugi pot limit freeroll is tough. I took a few days off from it because I’d been going deep again and getting frustrated with coming up empty handed. Went 121/1896 today and I’m glad I’m able to consistently go deep but I need to figure out if my strategy needs to change somewhere or if it’s luck or wtf… I’ve tried ultra tight and that wasn’t really working out. I feel like I’ ... <a href="/blogs/432a/23551-Carbon-poker-PL-Badugi-freeroll">(continued)</a>


Diary of a (disillusioned)poker addict

A final table OMG!

2010-03-26 11:15 AM

It was a fairly long night on 888. I started off with a series of freerolls which the site ran for a group of us. I was pretty distracted for the most part and never really got into things. Fortunately I didn’t go for any rebuys or add-ons so it cost me nothing but 2 hours of poker time. Last night’s cash session was good though. I played solidly for the most part and even though I only played for an hour, was happy that ... <a href="/blogs/richard/16951-A-final-table-OMG-">(continued)</a>


Running for the red line

Playing a freeroll tonight

2010-01-14 08:28 PM

I’m signed up for an invite only $500 freeroll tonight on PKR .com, should be a fun break from the cash game grind. I’m quite pleased with how much I have learned about Poker since joining Deuces Cracked, and I’m hoping my better understanding of ranges and equity will help me go deep tonight. I haven’t put a lot of time into MTT strategy, but I have a much better understanding of ICM now that I did this t ... <a href="/blogs/ron0914/6791-Playing-a-freeroll-tonight">(continued)</a>

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