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Ringside: Goldseraph (#20) - Anonymous ...

by goldseraph, over 3 years ago, 29 min

No Limit Hold'Em

$, FR

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Summer of Love (and beyond?)

My play the last two weeks.

2012-05-11 12:24 AM

  Above is my graph for the last two weeks of playing poker.  The first 600 hands or so was a super small sample size of me playing super-aggro and getting on the right side of luck, eventually I crashed pretty hard and really started concentrating on respecting villain raises, keeping sessions under control, etc.  I was also watching the coaching kristy series and trying to apply that to my game.  In turn my results ... <a href="/blogs/nicname/90311-My-play-the-last-two-weeks-">(continued)</a>


The Barber's Chair

My poker history 2009 Part 1

2011-08-24 09:24 PM

2009 was the first year that I felt more confident in my poker game, especially when it came to LHE. I had been playing .50-1 online and knew that I was a winning player over a long enough sample size. I had built my online bankroll up to the point where I had a good amount of cushion for the next level up at 1-2 if I felt confident in the jump. Normally you want between 250-500 BBs at the stake you’re normally a ... <a href="/blogs/figaro3000/75701-My-poker-history-2009-Part-1">(continued)</a>


PT3 analysis (viewable ;) )

2010-06-03 08:30 AM

My last post was bugged because i copy/pasted from word. Decided to repost it without c/p from word: It took me some days to post this, was kinda lazy taking the pics and was very into watching grindcores the thin red line, my favorite series on DC by far! Really inspirational and just the kind of poker i really would like to play. Anyway, i analyzed some stats of mine and come up with the following result:  As a guidel ... <a href="/blogs/skorzy/26551-PT3-analysis-viewable-">(continued)</a>

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