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Poker in Cambodia?

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Next week I'll escape European winter to spend a month in sunny Cambodia...
I'm not quite sure yet what to do when I get there so I was wondering if anyone knows anything about poker in Cambodia?
Any DC member living there? Do you know if they offer NLHE in local casino's? What stakes? How are those games? What about the rake? Other good places to find live poker games? Easy to find good wifi to grind online?
Many thanks in advance to anyone who has any information on this!

Posted over 4 years ago


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I just heard many guys from Thailand saying that cambodia is a little like the wild west and you should not go there to play relatively big live games etc. I've never been there so I don't have personal experiences with it. I kinda started to dislike 2p2 but it's Travel Forum could be a very good resource for you!

Posted over 4 years ago


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It is probably just a stereotype that I have, but I was pretty sure there were actually no casinos in Cambodia?

Posted over 4 years ago


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Really bad stereotype ... there are 5 here in Sihanoukville alone.

Plus we play 4 times per week here at

Posted over 3 years ago


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man dont play live poker in cambodia, take your laptop with you if you want to gamble/work.

high stakes is not only money there (sorry my cambodian friends we may be a little biased)

Posted over 3 years ago


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I started this thread about 2 years ago. Took a few unexpected turns and now I've been living in Cambodia for the last 8 months (with no intentions to leave anytime soon).
For me it's the perfect place if you're playing online poker. Easy going, beautiful beaches, sunshine, cheap cost of living and reasonable reliable internet-connections. There's a local casino in the town where I live that has a very soft $1-$2 no limit game (and free buffet and booze) but I prefer the beach when I'm not grinding online Smile
Anyway, don't be afraid of Cambodia Wink

Posted almost 3 years ago

ehud eblagon

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Hi man. I live in Singapore and want to take a weekend off and go play live poker somewhere in the area.

my preferred game is NLHE $1-$2. do you recommend Cambodia as a good destination for this?

or other place maybe?


Ehud Eblagon

Posted almost 3 years ago


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do you recommend Cambodia as a good destination for this?

There are not that many casino's where you can play poker. Where I live there's 1 casino with 1 poker table (only $1-$2). So I wouldn't really describe it as a poker destination (but the beach is really nice).
There's an Asian Poker Tour event coming to Cambodia somewhere in November. Maybe try to Google that one for a poker-related trip...

Posted almost 3 years ago


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I loved Cambodia when traveling but found it difficult to Skype/Facebook/Email my girlfriend who was in England at the time due to the Internet being awful. Do the people who live there have private Internet tariffs? I was in Sihanoukville and couldn't even log on to Facebook most of the time.

Fantastic country though and would recommend traveling there definitely.

Posted over 2 years ago


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I miss Sihanoukville and the nice games on the beach arranged by Mr. Poker from Denmark. A salut to you Mr. PokerSmile

On topic:

You will find some low stake action in Sihanoukville. Low and Mid stake you have to go to the Capitol.
The games are soft and normally alot of alcohol involved. Nice gamesSmile

Posted over 2 years ago

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