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<rather unimportant intro>
im trying to get a group going where people motivate each other to study hard. last year i worked so freakin hard on my game, and the result was that i moved from 50nl/100nl to highstakes with good winrates over decent samples at 5/10 10/20 and awesome winrate but no sample at 25/50. I took some time off and just traveled (which I do nonstop but I mean like I traveled by bike through new zealand and stuff, didnt touch my notebook for months). After this long break and a retarded PLO adventure (why would you not start at highstakes in a game youve never played before...), I decided to go back where I belong, NL Holdem. Things started horribly and Im already at 100nl. I could whine about the biggest downswing/run bad/god hates me more than usual, but the truth is right now I suck at poker. So lets do this right....the epic strategy challenge!!
</rather unimportant intro> always goes week by week, starting Mondays

2.theres a minimum of things you have to do for every day you played poker: atm that is:
-post one hand a day in a strategy forum
-reply to 2 other hands
-watch one video every 3 days, write down and post the most interesting hands with the thoughts of the coach and even better add your own thoughts
-mathematically analyze a hand every 2 days: this should be more than one simple EV calc. It can be stuff like one EV calc, change the range, calc again etc, or compare the EV off 2 lines, find break even points/frequencies etc
3. everything will be rounded up, so its 3 videos and 4 calcs if u grind every day of the week
4.If u fail, you shall forever live in shame, and you have to post a video of you eating a 75g piece of butter with a spoon, wihtout anything else.
5. You can substitute in this order: Analysis, post a hand, reply to a hand (so you can only replace with something that takes more effort)
6. the requirements and punishments can change, its all open for discussion by the active members. it might be all about butter this week, but it might be running naked through a stadium the next (with the advantage that you dont need a webcam for prove, you will end up on youtube anyway ;-)
7. you should be playing smallstakes+ 6max. atm id say 100nl should be the minimum, but id give 50 nl players a shot.

8. if u think now: hmm thats a good idea, maybe ill join in a week or 2, but not right now....THEN GTFO!!!. Ive been trying to get this thing running, and so far its been quite a struggle. most just love the idea, but wont ever get their ass up to really take part, so just keep grinding micro/small stakes for a few more years and dont waste my time!
The 2nd part is people that joined, worked one day, and now simply ignore us or say "im out" without doing the penalty. Im moving the whole thing to a private forum, where people will be kicked as soon as they fail or arent active. I can totally understand that someone doesnt play at all a few weeks or longer. You can always join later or prove yourself now!

I might sound (well I clearly do) like an asshole now, but please understand how hard it is to get something like this going and how strict it has to be to not fall into pieces immediately.

you can add me on skype, im flamingmoe861, please write a note that youre adding me bc of this.


Posted over 5 years ago


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Ah damn, I only play 10NL but this sounds like something I would want to do to get me not wasting my time (atm I'm doing slightly less of the things mention so about 2 videos / week for example)
Prepare yourself for when I'm at 50NL Smile

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you eating a 75g piece of butter with a spoon, wihtout anything else.

hmm i do this anyways, I guess I like to punish myself on a regular basis?

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hey sorry for everyone who still adds me on skype, im not doing this anymore. I did it for 5 weeks and will still do it for myself and upload the video if I fail, and I keep blogging about in a german poker forum.
I had so many people who joined the challenge only to give up within the first week, and its just work, time and effort every time someone joined to explain everything, keep track far only one other actually finished an entire week...noone ever did the penalty. If anyone liked the idea so much he can do it by himself and maybe one day we join forces. GL!

Posted about 5 years ago