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Hi guys,

My name is Chris Bowling. I first joined Deucescracked.com whenever I was grinding $0.02/$0.05 about 3 years ago. I am now grinding $5/$10 nlh on ignition poker. I absolutely love the game of poker and am very passionate about it and love learning. I either want to join a Skype group or start one. In the book, "Think and Grow Rich," Napolean HIll talks about the importance of having a "mastermind group." I really believe that is an important part of becoming the best at anything you do. Pulling knowledge together between motivated, like minded individuals is a great way for everyone to grow faster in the group than if everyone was by themselves, and a good way to enjoy the journey along the way. I'm looking for a few other good players that play $3/6, $5/10, or $10/20 and are interested in meeting once a week. Things I would want to do in the group:

-Hand Review in Holdem Manager
-PioSolver Review
-Constructing hand ranges
-Constructing exploitative strategies
-General poker discussion
-Have a fun time learning!

If I start the group myself, I would want to hold 2-3 hour meetings every Monday night at 9pm EST. Usually Mondays are the slowest day for grinding anyways so I usually do a lot of studying on Mondays. Feel free to message me here or my FaceBook, "Chris Bowling"


Posted 11 months ago

Oregon Rick

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How do you like PioSolver in comparison to Cardrunners EV and Flopzilla?

Posted 9 months ago


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I would make a recommendation of just posting on DC you will find interested people. I would be interested but I am working on rebuilding my roll just now I don't think I would be a benefit until I have moved up a few times.

I also think it is really good to hear people are playing such high stakes on ignition. It give me a little more hope for the fact that it is an achievable goal.

Posted 9 months ago


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Thanks for some info.. Love to hear some feedbacks from real players

Posted 9 months ago


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Hey Chris i'm a 12 year pro and won like half a mill.

Add me on skype if u want somebody to chat with and talk poker all the time.

I'm also playing full time as of now . but things been tough cuz i was the guy screwed out of 152 grand by full flush.. been screwed out of like 250k actually now ..

Posted 5 months ago

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