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Day 1 550$ main event

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550$ 40.000 starting chips donkfest.
this hand came up when there were two more levels to play for day1.
Hero has 260k and has a pretty wild image.
Villan 1 is a bad reg from portugal(45 years old) and is playing 75k
Villain 2 is very tight (50 years old) and is playing ~ 175k
Blinds are500-1000 , villan 1 is BB , 3 fold, villain 2 raises from MP to 3000, another guy calls right on his left , Hero calls from button w 6s 4s and the BB completes.
Flop comes Ks 7s 3d.
villain 1 leads 5k and villain 2 raises 22k

I would love to see what you guys think

Posted 5 months ago


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Not sure chasing here is a great idea due to the price and the reverse implied odds on your flush draw. Calling also could lead to villain 1 coming over the top and possibly also villain 2 and then you've stuck 22k out there possibly having to fold.

Posted 5 months ago

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