December 19, 2009

Grindin', Ya Know What I Keep..

What’s up Degens?

As always, here’s some good music you should definitely check out if you haven’t heard it before.

Lil Wayne – Oh No
Wu-Tang – It’s Yours
Jay Z – The Watcher 2
Ghostface Killah – One
Clipse – Virginia
Clipse – Intro
Clipse – Keys Open Doors
Clipse – We Got It For Cheap
Clipse – Mr. Met Too

Tons of Clipse songs here, but I’ve been in a bit of a rut with them lately. I used to be obsessed with them in college, but since I started listening again, I’ve grown to appreciate their style. Some of their stuff is too hardcore for me, but their flow is pretty sick, and you can’t really go wrong with Neptune beats. I read on FoxwoodsFiend blog that he think they’re the best lyricists out there. I’m not sure if I completely agree with that, but they’re definitely sick.

I’ll try to get IRL stuff out of the way. First, I wrote in my previous blog about how I smashed the shit out of my old computer in an effort to take advantage of the accidental warranty at Best Buy. The girl at the front told me they couldn’t accept the shrapnel that was formerly known as my computer because it was in more than two pieces, so I figured I’d screwed myself out of getting a new computer, which is one of the main reasons I caved and bought a Mac.

Given how bummed I was that my negligence screwed me out of getting a free new laptop, you can imagine the amount of delight I felt when I got a call today from Best Buy telling me they’re going to exchange my laptop afterall! LO fucking L! I like how the chick originally tried to bluff me with the two piece clause, and then felt the need to assume the role of my mom and lay a huge guilt trip on me for not taking care of my shit. Awesome! If anyone out there want’s to buy a cheap laptop, let me know. Retail on it will be somewhere around $1200, but I’ll definitely give it to you for less if you contact me soon so I don’t have to bother trying to sell it on the internet.

Before I chat a bit about poker, I wanted to give you guys a few links to some blogs I think are worth checking out. I’m a pretty big blog reading degen, so if I come across some good posts I’ll be sure to provide them in the future.

Just Fucking Do It
I liked this blog because I think it applies to anyone who isn’t absolutely destroying the small or midstakes (basically all of us). Sometimes reading blogs like this can be the kick in the ass you need to become motivated enough to realize your potential as a cardplayer.

Success and Failure
This one is pretty awesome if you want some solid advice on how to improve your game (and ultimately win more money) by doing the right things away from the table. Tony can be a little immature sometimes, but I think overall he offers some really great insight for poker players, particularly aspiring ones.

Overall, poker has been going pretty poorly lately, but that’s alright. I’m satisfied with how I’ve been playing, and as always, the luck will come back around in my favor, so I’m not worried about it. I’ve been putting in a reasonable amount of hands lately, so it’s good to be on the grind a bit while I’m picking up new students and constantly learning new material. It’s a little frustrating when you feel like your game is improving everyday, but you don’t necessarily have the results to prove it.

I’ve been doing some thinking about the little things players can do to immediately increase their winrate without improving much skill-wise.
1. Play on the weekends – Particularly if you’re a PLO player, the games are amazing on the weekends. You can probably nit it up a bit more than you normally would, and just go to value town on all the players who are playing the Sundays and 1 tabling PLO. This doesn’t mean giving up getting laid or boozing with your friends, but if you’re serious about making money playing this game then you need to be putting in volume when the environment is best for it. It’s literally free money on the weekend. Just sit for an hour or so before you got out partying and watch your bankroll grow.
2. Table Selection – There’s no shame in picking the tables with the weakest players. Unles s you’re looking to improve your game by playing better opponents, take the extra few minutes to pick your tables and seats wisely. Personally, I go through every single 200 and 400PLO table and label each player with a color code that designates them as fish, regular, or unknown. Since fish and bad regs are designated blue and red on my tabs, I simply cruise the lobby looking for the tables with the most blue and red, and either jump in right away or get on the waiting list. For example, if someone buys in for an awkward amount and is one tabling, you can be relatively certain that they’re going to play much softer than a reg playing 4-6 tables. This will also help you when you’re multi tabling and keeping an eye out for good tables that are opening up.
It’s also useful if you play HU, because if someone sits with you and you already have a note that they’re a fish or a one tabler, then you can use this to your advantage. Any type of read/information you can accumulate will allow you to make more accurate reads, so spend a few extra minutes choosing the tables that are more profitable for you.
3.* The quickest way to double your winrate is by doubling your bet size -* I see too many of my students betting big on bluffs and small with big hands looking to get paid. For the most part, people’s big leak in PLO is calling too often, so use this against them! Especially if you’re playing at the lower stakes, get in the habit of building pots with your big hands and draws, and get out of the habit of slowplaying. You’ll be surprised how often you get called by very bad hands. Especially against passive players, get in the habit of always betting with your value range, because too often they check back anyway, and by missing bets on the flop you’re costing yourself money on later streets. Pots in PLO grow geometrically, so if you fail to bet the flop, the pot will be significantly smaller on the river than if you had. Don’t FPS, just bet!

Here’s some hands from the last couple of days. Some of them are standard, others are hilarious, but so it goes. I’m really not sure why the HH converter won’t work for me, but I’m just going to have to link all of them again.

Some Losers:

Worst Turn Ever
Why didn’t he just ship the flop? lol.

I was surprised to see still had 24% equity.

You’re not supposed to lose these.

Poorly Played
I’m not a fan of how I played this hand for a bunch of reasons. I’m really not doing well at all against his range here because he was pretty passive, and against the nuts I only have 42% equity but against something like what he has I’m in terrible shape. An argument can be made for calling the raise on the flop and repping a boat on later streets, which I think I like the most. Also if a diamond peels off, you can be pretty sure if you’re good or not anyway. Overall this is just one of those hands where I was playing a bunch of tables, saw the board and my hand and just decided to get it in without paying enough attention to the player involved and my alternative lines. Situations like this, it’s important to remember that because it’s a single raised pot, you can play more than one street, and all the money doesn’t always HAVE to go in on the flop.

This looks pretty bad, but I’m fine with it. This player was very barrely, and I didn’t think he’d just donk pot on the flop with a set or a straight. Instead I figured he’d c/r, but I guess I’m wrong.

Good Turn, Bad Riv

Although sometimes I’m in very bad shape, there’s many more hands I’m doing well against or flipping with so a call here for less than 100bb is standard. Deeper it becomes a little more complicated.

93% on Turn

LOL Turn

80% Turn
Nice min-3b pre flop there…

Get there!
Even with his blockers I still had 65% equity.

Get There #2!
That’s basically always the straight on the turn. There’s many good rivers for me though..

Tough River

Some Winners:
I’ll Take It
Run Gooot
I’d been raising his cb’s a lot up to this point, so I thought there was a chance he could stack off light here. Standard I guess.
Games Are Good
Don’t Play Like Him
LOL@River Call
Reasonable Equity I suppose
Thin Value
Good Barrel

Hopefully y’all are running better than I am. Happy Holidays!



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thanks for the links to those blogs.

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Keep on the grind! Happy holidays

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