October 30, 2009

Back to NL for a bit, contending with time

Hey, sorry I haven’t written in a while, just been very busy recently between academic work, Halloween, and trying to sort out doing something for my birthday (next week!). Thought I’d better write again though.

My frustrating downswing continued a bit, at PLO, and my WR halved, so while I was still a winner, and at an ok WR, like 4.5ptbb. I can imagine big downswings are pretty standard at PLO and something I’ll have to get used to. For a bit of a change, I decided to play some NL to rebuild my roll, and that went ok, pulling me out of the downswing a bit. I’ve been experimenting with mass tabling NL50 6m, 10-12 tables, selecting with Spadeeye and playing ~26/22. So far it seems to work fine, I had a couple of +2-3 BI sessions. There are also a couple of other reasons I went back to NL:

1) Lack of time to work on a new game – due to a really busy schedule at the moment, I can’t necessarily afford the study time I would need to get really good at PLO. I’m going to try and schedule better and remedy this, since I think given how soft the PP PLO 6m games seem to be if I could get a decent run I could move up pretty quick and make some decent $$. I’m not sure how likely I’m going to be able to find the time though, given that my schedule next month is really brutal.

2) Inability to play lots of tables – I know that ideally, I’d like to play more sessions/hours but with fewer tables and really concentrate,like I did over summer, and play my best poker, but currently I have time for like 1×90 mins/day session, if that, so to be able to put in hands, and to maximise my current hourly (which I’ll get to) I need to be able to multitable a decent # of tables at a solid WR.

3) Current hourly and WR – When my PLO WR was 2x my NL one it made playing PLO look pretty appealing, but now it’s actually less, and needing more BI to play, means that a) I can’t make as much now and b) I can’t rocket up through the stakes as much as I’d like to get to like midstakes. Unfortunately, due to my financial situation at the moment (significant discrepancy between my costs this year and the money I have, and needing like 10k for the bar vocational course etc next year so I can become a barrister – meaning I need to grind up poker money) I have to take the awful viewpoint of maximising my hourly NOW. And unfortunately PLO isn’t currently the way to do that for me. I’m going to try and play it more though when I can, or if things ease up.

So unfortunately based on current time and financial reasons, PLO is going to have to go on hold for a bit until things ease up. Which kind of sucks since if I had the time to devote to PLO now while people suck I could probably look forward to getting to reasonably high stakes over the next year and really making a go of it. I’m going to try and put in some hands at PLO though at the start of next month if I find extra time though since I’d like to master the game.

So far I think I’m going to finish this month +$1502 including tourney monies, which is good. Hopefully I can put in a strong month next month too!

As for useful content for anyone reading this, I’m slightly short at the moment but I had the thought that maybe I’ll try and write a few strategy entries, with HHs etc and trying to clarify for myself some things I picked up from videos/coaching. I was thinking barrelling might be good since I feel like I have a decent handle on that and think I could articulate my thoughts on it pretty reasonably, so I’ll try and write on that over the next day or two hopefully!

Last but not least some vaguely humorous non-poker content

My Halloween Costume (I wish, I think the word genius is thrown around too much but the inventor of this costume really deserves the title

Reinforcing my love for fried chicken:
Colonel Sanders tricks his way into UN

Autobot Alert – ridiculously funny Transformers cartoon recut/redub by Dr Smoov

Anyways I’m off to get dressed up, drink too much, and fall over, then do the same again tomorrow. Laters chumps

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