September 13, 2009

Learning 8 game

I’m starting on a new quest, the mysterious 8 game. Already know limit hold’em, and a little NL. Starting with Razz, then 2-7 TDL, then LO8, stud and stud hi/lo, then plo. People have been saying the games are soft, and honestly if I were knew to poker I would find the 8 game the most exciting and fun. I opted to learn 8 game instead of specifically PLO because it will broaden my game selection a great deal and make me a more flexible player, in case I need to learn another new game in the future.

Took a couple days off from playing poker but tonight I got into it! The past 4 hours flew by pretty quickly. It’s easy to lose track of time when playing heads up limit. I never count the minutes or ask myself “do I have to play any longer?” except for when I have to pee really bad and I’m playing a subpar player.

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