May 15, 2009


My account just broke the $8,000 mark. Funny that in January I was at $2,000. I would never imagine a 5 month return of 300% in the stock market, poker is such a great investment with a small amount of money.

Looking at my graph, my profits shot up incredibly sharply when I started playing heads up limit regularly. Given my ADHD personality, I am good at focusing on one thing, so heads up limit is ideal. I also like games that force you to think quickly and I love the psychology and mental stability required for heads up limit. I am a gamer at heart and HU LHE has the most action for sure.

My next obstacle I have to get past is to continue playing after I’ve won a hefty amount for the day. I have a bad habit of stopping when I’m winning.

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jasonHoldEm posted on May 16, 2009 at 16:18 PM


Have you read Tommy's book? He has some good advice about quitting. Paraphrasing greatly, he recommends playing short sets of play (typically about an hour, sometimes less, never more than two hours) with breaks in between during a given session of play (session defined as a group of sets).

The key is your break time in between sets. You have to GET YOUR MIND OFF POKER for a few minutes, go for a walk, meditate, whatever, just get away from poker for a short amount of time. Then get back in the game.

Tommy suggests that taking these frequent breaks during your session will help you be less results oriented (because you're "quitting" so often it doesn't really if you're ahead/behind at the time you take a's just a set within a group of sets, within a session, within a group of sessions, within...)

grantkropf posted on August 29, 2009 at 08:25 AM


good advice, ty.


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