September 28, 2013

New Holiday Season Coaching Deal w/Charity Donation

What's up fellow poker people? Last year I ran a pretty sweet holiday coaching deal, and I'm going to do it again this year. This time I'll be donating a portion of the proceeds split between Toys for Tots and DC's own TecmoSuperBowl to take care of both kids without a Christmas and help the goodly animals that Tecmo tries so hard to help with every ounce of his being. I'm going to ask him to comment on this blog and tell us more about where he'll send the monies and what benefits the animals will receive. 

The Deal: The deal will run from Oct. 1st through the last day of the year. You'll be able to get up to 1 hour of coaching a week through the end of New Year's Eve. Basically, you can get 1 session or 12 sessions, it's up to you. If you sign up previous to Oct. 1st you can take full advantage, and if you straggle in towards the middle of November, you can still get 6 hours+ of coaching at a nice discount. My specialty is in 6max NLHE but FR players are fine as well. You are encouraged to ask lots of questions and stay in contact between sessions to get the most out of our time together. 

Learn more about me on my coaching page.

The Cost: $400 USD via PayPal. For every student that signs up I'll split $50 between Toys for Tots and TecmoSuperBowl's preferred animal charity. If you sign up and take all 12 sessions you'll only be paying $29 an hour for coaching from me, along with helping some kids and animals. Sweet indeed.

The Coaching: We'll start with a video review to see where your thought process/game is at. From there we'll move to hand history review and theory discussion for the remainder of the sessions, unless you learn better another way, or prefer more video review. You'll be encouraged to keep in touch between sessions, ask questions, share hands, and be actively trying to implement/improve.

Bonus: If I get at least 8 new students for this, I'll both make a Skype group for us (can do that anyway), and I'll add an additional hour of group coaching for everyone in the group 2x a month.

If you're interested PM me your Skype name and let's get started!

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May 16, 2013

You are invited!

I created a home game on to play cards with my daily fantasy sports homies. Obviously going to invite my DC homies as well. NLHE tournament tonight at 9pm EST. Come on and play for fun, talk some poker and sports, and if you're an American poker player, start playing some daily fantasy sports too, no?

You are invited to join my private poker club for Home Games online.

- If you don't already have it, download the free PokerStars software
- Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab
- Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button
- Enter my Club ID number: 762018
- Enter my Invitation Code: dojopoker

That's it! Once I've approved your membership request, we'll be ready to start playing Home Games online together.

If you want to find out more, visit

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April 25, 2013

Handreading Shortcut, Fantasy Sports, Coaching, STUFF!

You rarely have perfect information in poker. You rarely have perfect reads. You're often making assumptions based on things like board texture and Hold'em Manager or Poker Tracker stats. Very often your sample size of whatever stat you're looking at isn't big enough to base an entire line of play on.

Getting good at estimating what's more or less likely in a given scenario requires being aware of what's possible.

If you find yourself flustered and making mistakes in difficult situations it's because of the pressure to act in a time frame vs. the ability to think it all through and reach what seems like a good decision. You need to practice thinking through these unfamiliar, uncomfortable situations with a clearer thought process than what you come up with in the moment.

You can approach all "weird" situations with the same thought process. What hands can villain be bluffing with here? What hands can villain be value betting here? What's more likely? How will the rest of the hand play out if I take a certain action? Of course there's a ton of other variables that we can add here to make it a way more complex situation, but that's not required for this example and that would take the shortcut out of this hand reading shortcut :D

Unsophisticated opponents play within their tendencies without branching out too frequently. What I mean by that is that if I guy checks and calls with top pair or a flush draw on the flop, he's very unlikely to randomly raise those hands on a blank turn. Of course that's not always the case, but if I had to say it was more likely or less likely, it would be more likely that they take the same line with the same strength of hand that they took on the flop. 

If you experience an unexpected line from someone, a turn raise, a random donk bet, a check and minraise (THE DEVIL HIMSELF), employ the same thought process regardless of the weirdness of the situation. There are tons of unique spots that come up, and you can think through them the same way.

The next step is awareness of what can actually be in your opponent's range. If a guy check/calls A74 rainbow and raises an 8 turn and you're holding Ax, you need to be aware that a loose player can have 56s, 78s, A8o (maybe, at least suited), and 88 in their value range. Is it likely that they take a hand like 76s that would call the flop and turn it into a bluff on the turn? Probably not. It might happen sometimes, but on the scale of more or less likely, it's less likely.

Thinking about the actual combinations of hands in your opponents preflop distribution (that get to the flop) and estimating what's more or less likely can save you a lot of headaches in unfamiliar situations. You'll never be right all the time, but you can be right way more often than if you tried to solve each situation as a unique spot that you JUST started thinking about once you were faced with it.

I've got room to coach a few new students in May, feel free to pm me if you're interested.

If you American poker players are sick and tired of not being able to cashout of sites consistently and you're sick of dumb things like "fair play" and you're a sports fan, you should try daily fantasy sports. It's clearly not the same as poker, but it has a lot of sweet elements and it's completely legal. The cashouts are usually processed within 24 hours for the most reputable sites via PAYPAL. That's something online gaming hasn't had since like, the pre-glory days. I remember when I started playing online poker you could use PayPal but that ended with a brutal quickness.

Check out, the daily fantasy sports related site I'm working with. Hit me up on twitter @rotoupdates if you'd like to know more. I really feel like you guys might be missing out on something similar to the old days of poker. It's not quite that good, but it's pretty sweet. One of the sites is running qualifiers to a championship event at the Playboy Mansion. That's sick! 

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January 25, 2013

Spring Coaching Package!

What's up guys and gals? I'm going to accept 4 new students for the month of love, February. It'd be kind weird to call this a Valentine's Day coaching package though, so we'll go with spring! We're trying to get more green anyway, right? Here's the deal:

Price: $300

You get: 4 sessions that will average 1.5 hours each. $50 an hour, $30 off of my regular rate. 

This deal is focused on 50NL to 100NL guys, but anyone is welcome to take advantage. Send me a pm here on DC if you're interested!

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January 18, 2013

Former Student Makes Team Ivey! + Daily Fantasy Articles....

Congratulations to my former cash game student and Belgian tournament professional Kevin Vandersmissen. He's made Team Ivey and it's very well deserved. Pimpin' pimpin'!

I'm writing daily articles for I'm a huge fan of fantasy sports and I'm happy to be contributing in this growing industry. Here's a link to my first article:

I'm gearing up to move soon to continue playing poker live. I'll still coach but I'm pretty close to done with online. The cashouts are sketchy as hell and I'm sour to the entire process.

I'll have a new spring coaching package posted soon. Until then here's a sweet review from a student that's had some recent success with our sessions -

Hope everything is going well for all of you :)

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October 25, 2012

Weird Science! (coaching experiment inside)

Firstly, the holiday coaching deal from my previous blog post is a great success and I'm open to taking 2-3 more students if they pop up. That's not the reason for this blog of course....

Are you a bad enough dude to get coached by me on stream every week?

I'm going to pick one dude to be coached by me at least once a week on a live stream that is free to everyone who'd like to watch. If you'd like to be that guy, please pm me with your answers to the questions below.

1. What are your goals in poker?

2. What are your strengths or weaknesses?

3. How well do you handle tilt & swings?

4. What stakes/sites are you currently playing on?

5. Is there any other information about you I should consider when choosing?

To be selected for this you need to have a mic, skype, PT or HEM of some sort, and be comfortable with your game being exposed on a stream where anyone could pop up and watch. You also need to be able to commit to a session around the same time each week once we establish when is best. This is open to dudes at any stake but 25NL-100NL is likely the sweet spot because I'd like the microstakes guys and small stakes guys to be able to benefit.

Last but not least, if you're someone interested in watching a stream like this, what time is the best time? I'd like a time that would be cool for guys in the USA as well as the ROW, but I'm not sure. Traditionally 3pm EST is decent. If you guys have any ideas in regards to the scheduling or content of this experiment, please let me know!


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October 10, 2012

Holiday Season Coaching Deal

I'm going to take a few new students at the price of $350 for up to 1 session per week for the rest of the year. The flat cost of $350 to you gets you up to 1 session per week that will last an hour minimum. You could take 1 session or get 10 in and smash my hourly down to $35 :D.

1st session will be a video review, with subsequent sessions most likely being HH review. This offer is open to potential students at any stakes of course, just trying to give people an opportunity for some low cost coaching.

If you're interested PM me your Skype name. First come, first served, capping out at 5-6 students total. Feel free to PM me with any other questions as well.


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May 12, 2012

Coaching Deal for 100NL and below.

I'm going to be taking a few new students at these stakes and here's the deal:

What you get: 3 sessions of around 1 hour and 20 minutes each. 1st session will be reviewing your recorded play. 2nd will be reviewing HH's post implementing stuff we talk about in the 1st session, and 3rd session will be either of those depending on the student.

What it costs: $250 or just $62.5 an hour.

I'll be taking 6 students for this, first come first serve, if you play over 100NL I'll still coach you but not under this deal.

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April 07, 2012

Aleister Crowley's Wisdom for the Poker Professional.

Tilt is something everyone suffers from on occasion. We strive to eliminate it but it's human nature to become aggravated with things that we feel are against us. We feel like bad things are happening to us and we take issue. In reality, and I've said this before, you have to lose in order to win. You need to make peace with results and focus on what leads to them to succeed. Leaks for a professional poker player are not just in game. Lifestyle management is just as or often more important than finding and fixing small leaks. I'm not going to elaborate on what stakes etc. etc. games now vs. 2004 etc. etc. just the holistic "If you are a professional poker player, X is true". The better you manage  your life outside of poker, the sharper and more often and accurately you can strike with your A game inside of poker. If you take things personally, they've already won. If they take things personally, you've already won. This can be defined in as simple a form as being 3bet a few times in a row. Do you 4b immediately? At all? With what range? Is it predictable? Are you doing it because they did it to you a couple of times so they must be loose? Do you know whether or not you know anything? I'll tell you now that 40 hands isn't enough to base a reaction on. Absorb, conspire, react, succeed.

The main point of this blog is something I feel that people, myself included, lose sight of. If you're a professional poker player the bottom line for you is in the long term. It's not 1 mistake, it's not 1 hand, it's not 3 hands ago. It's endless (until you stop playing or die) and whilst you may feel like the 2 outers are crushing you, you are cultivating a "running bad" mindset that will affect your play and you will endure a ton of suffering and it feels like it keeps getting worse, but you must be mindful that the reason you play professionally is that you LOVE POKER and the long term result is that you average a profit of X per X. Per hand, per month, per hour, however you like to calculate it. Some tables good, some tables bad, sometimes you make mistakes, sometimes you try new things, sometimes the tables are tough, sometimes they're easy, sometimes they're tough and you played A+, sometimes they're easy and you played C-. The greatest pictures are painted by those who cannot see the ends of the canvas.

I was reading Aleister Crowley's "Little Essays Toward Truth" and came across this. It has been said in similar ways before, but this was in 1938 and I find it inspiring.

Tb offer a practical parallel. Suppose one is to
receive a thousand pounds, and this amount is
paid over in divers coins, with I.O.U.'s for various
sums. Since one knows in advance that the
balance in one's favour is £1,000, one does not
get excited on the appearance of any particular
item, but goes on steadily counting, making
the right reaction, whether a plus or a
minus item is at issue, with perfect calm and
accuracy. Each entry in the account may be
different; but one's mental attitude is invariable.
The common error of the unphilosophical
mind is indeed due to ignorance of the true
nature of the soul. One is apt to suppose that
each Event as it occurs may be "good" or "bad,"
may indicate that one is winning or losing.
But as soon as one is certain that the issue is
factitious, that it has been determined beforehand,
it becomes absurd to be affected by one
incident in the illusory process which Nature
uses symbolically to express the fatality of
Truth rather than by any other.

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December 11, 2011

Clowns Clowns Clowns, and More Fucking Clowns

There's a lot of dumb shit going on right now in the world of online poker. It's both depressing and enraging, and with me being the lagtard I am (now I just click buttons on my remote real fast, RIP online poker) I tend to get enraged more than depressed.

First we have Bodog, with their non-anon anon tables and spritely wool over the eyes response to KyleB's vids. You're a bunch of fucking retards Bodonk. I never played there because their software has always been an absolute atrocity and anyone who accepted that software can't be very smart. It all makes perfect logical sense. So fuck Bodonk. This is of course a good example of the standard shitty response all companies give in this day and age, the non-transparent "everything is cool yo, nothing to see here, business as usual" that's almost 100% a lie. Maybe if you assholes were honest with your potential paying customers you wouldn't be in so many tricky situations down the road caught in a mosh of lies and generic response. Then again why would you care? It's not like you fuckers have anyone to answer to. Also, dude, LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL at your high moral arrow shooting to protect the casual player from the demonic horrors of the predatory reg! YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. Hope you all get a flesh eating disease and die a slow painful death. A poker player is a poker player is a poker player is a poker player. Win or lose, reg or fish. You offer a service to POKER PLAYERS not non-professional, non-consistent players. You're fucking retards. "the health of bla bla bla bla bla" If anyone believes you have the good of the poker community nested softly in your crusty black heart they deserve to play on your abomination of a site. Rot in hell bitches.

The Bluefire Poker debacle is truly depressing. I used to be a paying member, back in the day when the USA was grea.... wait NM the USA has always been fucked, it just never hit home so hard before. I thought Phil Galfond didn't make videos for Cardrunners or anyone else because he wanted to be in control. Why on earth wouldn't he be the owner of BFP? That's sad. I mean, it was hilarious when they started  showing up with MTT and SNG vids but definitely understandable to try and capture that part of the market, since Phil had the attention of cash game players everywhere. I have news for you BFP, Phil Galfond was marketed as the face of your site, the owner, the leader, the man, he's the dude, that's what we called him. Whatever was going on behind the scenes should obviously have kept that in mind. You signed your own death warrant. Also, not letting him post the last 4 vids he wants to post and deleting his blog etc. is retarded. You should take his face off the front page and go the rest of the way you idiots. Grow up you scum sucking assholes. 

The internet gaming regulation situation (say that 5x fast) is also a giant clown car full of red nosed buffoons. It reminds me of something else full of clowns and idiots. You know, elections. There's one thing you never see in these situations, intent. The face of a movement, the face of an individual involved in a debate, all of it is fucking hogwash. It's just a form of entertainment to be honest, should make a reality TV show about it. "ELECTED". That's all it boils down to. Intent is what's important, and hard to get a read on. It's funny to read about guys that were supporting or against online poker flip their decision. Like whoever that recent asshole is. You know what? I'm sorry for all you moron fucking casino guys who missed out on online poker because you were too stupid to realize it was the future. I'm sorry you're not making bank and rake handoverfist and it's so so so depressing to know that you're all wah wah wah about it. I feel so sorry for you. At least you can glaze the pocket of your idiot politician friends! You still have a shot! You could get all kinds of loopholes and structural shamblings set up in your favor to capitalize still. Don't worry guys, it's OK!!!!! Hope you all get a flesh eating disease and die a slow painful death.

Put your guard up folks. Everyone out there, politicians, casino donks, Bodonks, they're all just giant waving dicks waiting for your asshole to walk by at the right angle.


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