August 21, 2011

Golf and Quick Running update

I'm a really competitive and obsessive person. It was part of the reason I had success in poker. I was able to dive head first into it and do well enough to make a living. Quick tangent before I get started. I recently went on my photobucket account and had a ton of old graphs on there, so depressing. To see the money I was making before to the money I'm making now it's just so sad to me. I definitely took things for granted but for the government to shut things down, just one of the many examples of how life isn't fair.

Anyways being competitive and not being able to play poker this summer I've turned my focus to golf. Ironically I originally learned the game a few years ago in order to be able to play with clients and not embarrass myself. Anyways now that I don't have poker to occupy my time I've become much better. So far this summer I've shot an 80 twice and recently shot an 83 at a course I've never broken 90 at. Being a baseball player it's taken me a long time to iron out the swing and there are still some baseball tendencies however it's fun seeing the improvement.

In golf there's almost always gambling games going on, I used to be able to wager much more but now it's typically just a dollar a stroke or for a beer at the end of the round. One funny thing that has actually happened twice is coming down to the last couple holes the match has been very close. At this point invariably one of my playing partners starts talking about pressure and how well can I handle it? Saying stuff like "uh oh, they're in my head". I don't think much of it as it's part of usual trash talk between friends. However walking up to the tee both times I couldn't help but laugh at how ironic it is.

I felt no pressure in both instances thinking to myself I've been in pots for thousands of dollars in both cash games and tournies, playing for $10 here isn't going to affect me. Now obviously I can't say that as that would sound incredibly arrogant but it it's what I was thinking as I was about to hit my shot both times. I ended up winning each match.

My financial client list has started to build up so hopefully I'm able to make my annual golf trip to Turning Stone this fall with my brother. I always make it the last round of the year and it's so relaxing being able to have a room on the course, play 18 holes, and gamble the rest of the night. It's something I took for granted before but it's a trip I really want to make now more than ever.

I don't think I ever mentioned how I did in my 2 mile with the exception of my time. Anyways the top 10 in each gender place and I finished in 11th among the boys. Coming down the stretch this little kid sprinted by me and I could've caught him but remember thinking, "go for it kid, I'm not gonna try to catch ya." If I had known that that was for a top 10 place we would've had an amazing duel down the stretch. Now I gotta hope to get a little better to place next year.

In addition I'll be running a 5k in 5 weeks. I started training for it today. Right now my realistic goal for it is under 21 minutes but I'd love to be able to make the 20 minute mark. I'll keep everyone updated with my progress.


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