July 10, 2011

The Summer of Mike

One of my all-time favorite shows is Seinfeld. There's one episode where George gets laid off by the Yankees and has nothing to do all summer. He then realizes he can do anything he wants and proclaims it the Summer of George. 

That's sort of how my summer has been going so far. I've been laid off and am sort of having one last Summer of Mike before I have to enter the real world. That's not to say things haven't changed since Black Friday, I've had to cancel a few trips, cut down on my spending, etc. For example, now walking a golf course doesn't seem so bad when you're saving $15. Also in order to take some of these trips I haven't been going out that often so some sacrifices have been made. 

However I have been fortunate to go to Boston, NYC, and a golf trip this summer and in all honesty I'd much rather save up by not going out on a couple of weekends to go to these places. In a couple weeks I'm going on a golfing/gambling trip to AC and to end the summer I'll be going to the US Open one last time. Things have been different but may as well enjoy myself. Poker wise I have been trying to stay sharp by downloading a few videos for if and when poker comes back. Honestly the sooner the better as I'm not going to make much money for a few years as a financial adviser. 

Also this summer I have been attending some of my players, current and former summer league games. I have a good relationship with a lot of my players and have never had a problem with getting kids to play hard for me. If there were any, they just didn't make the team the next year, but as a coach you never know how much your kids like or enjoy playing for you. That's why it was satisfying last game I attended when I had 3 players playing on 2 separate teams, all 3 kids came up and said hi during the game including one running across the field before he had to go to centerfield for the inning. It's things like that which make it easy to come back for another year of coaching.

Finally it was extremely depressing not to be able to go out to Vegas this year. I would've loved to play in the trampoline dodgeball game and it looked awesome to be able to play in. Hopefully with some good fortune I'll be able to fly out next year for the series, I'm not sure what dodgeball  team I'd align myself with, probably the one that made the biggest offer as I'm a free agent. 

Hope all of my readers are doing well


"Wink at small faults, for you have great ones yourself." Scottish Proverb

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Dodgeball was EXHAUSTING.

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