April 14, 2011


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  • So that's what I had to deal with yesterday in PLO. Again I thought I was used to variance coming from HUNL but the variance in PLO is insane. Ran a few BI under equity but I'll take it. Something that helped actually was when I was down 7 BIs I shot a message to KasinoKrime just to vent. He was sympathetic but what helped the most was him telling me he was watching his roommate play the other night and I saw me play a couple hands. He mentioned that I seemed to be playing very well and not giving up too easily which was incredibly encouraging to hear. It's a work in progress but at least it doesn't feel like such a grind anymore, the instantaneous action helps a bit.
  • Going on a golf trip this weekend to Penn National. Weather looks good except for Saturday but I can't wait, should be a blast. Was looking at the website and the place we're staying is right on the course. I've mentioned this before but I find golf incredibly relaxing, had a lesson today at a local country club and spent about 90 extra minutes working on my short game. It is enjoyable to get lost on the course from time to time and just forget about everything while playing.
  • I can't believe the Redsox start so far. They haven't been hitting or pitching well at all. Then add to that they've had some brutal luck on balls in play. The worst being the other night in a 3-2 loss to Tampa in which they actually hit Tampa's ace David Price very hard and had only 2 runs to show for it. Coincidentally the game winning RBI for Tampa was on a dribbler up the first base line.
  • Bruins-Habs game 1 tonight I'll leave you with this youtube clip which was my favorite moment from last years playoffs.


“How long should you try? Until.

- Jim Rohn

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