March 25, 2011

...So you're telling me there's a chance

2+2 was having a $250 random bracket tournament and I got in for 2 brackets with a buddy of mine. Unfortunately we're pretty much out of both. We needed SDSU last night since we drew them to go to the final 4 in both of our brackets but UCONN and Kemba Walker ruined that dream. Now our only hope at the $50,000 first place prize is Richmond vs Marquette in the finals with Marquette winning. I wish I could say stranger things have happened but I don't think they have.

Every time baseball season rolls around I always set an artificial schedule for myself to allow me to play poker during the daytime and I never stick to it. I really need to figure out a way to force myself to get hands in. Especially since hockey season is winding down and when the playoffs hit and baseball season starts I usually won't be playing at night. It all comes down to me waking up at a reasonable time, 11 AM wakeup times are just unproductive. and only leave me with a couple hours to get things done before practice.

Speaking of hockey, the Bruins are the most bi-polar team I've ever seen. They have stretches where they look like the best team in hockey and other instances where they look like the worst. Last night was the former as they destroyed the Habs 7-0. With playoffs only a couple weeks away it'd be a great time to hit their stride and start to play well. Either way hockey playoffs are always full of emotion so I'm sure it'll be a crazy ride. The last 3 years the Bruins have lost in game 7 and I really don't even want to think about last years Flyers series.

Finally ending with a story of a buddy who works at the library of a high school. He basically monitors the computers at the library making sure there's nothing against the rules going on. He sees the websites everyone is on and can pull up their screen if need be. So one day he was monitoring and saw on the screen. Pulls up the monitor and you can guess what was on there. He goes over to the kid and tells him to collect his belongings and takes him to the principles office.

Ah the youth of America, he has to circumvent the school's filter just to get on it and from there hope that my buddy is not paying attention. Quite the roll of the dice, unfortunately for him it came up craps.


I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.

 Jewish proverb

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