February 05, 2011

We're Upgrading from Don't Buy to Risky!

Decided to go with the risky teaser hedge for tomorrow's game. Hoping for a 24-21 Steelers final. I didn't buy any squares or make any prop bets as I have enough riding on the game to give me a good sweat. This seems like the worst possible matchup for the Steelers but who knows. I've been telling people I'd sign up right now for 2 minutes left, close game, with the ball in Big Ben's hands. I'm not big into clutch stats but he seems to get the job done more often than most and I'd gladly take my chances.

Tomorrow is my birthday which also coincides with superbowl Sunday. The last time the superbowl was on February 6th, I was a freshman and it was the date of the Niagrara baseball teams freshman initiation. I didn't let anyone know it was my birthday as I didn't want to see what would happen if they knew. I had never drank alcohol up to this point and had no idea what to expect. As soon as we walked into the house someone yelled "All the freshman have to do a 30 second kegstand!". Fortunately it wasn't that bad and I was able to make it through the night.

So far in 2011 my greatest investment has been buying the NHL Center Ice package. I never thought I'd get into hockey again after the lockout but I was drawn back in a couple years ago. I watched a ton of hockey as a toddler so I guess it was sort of impossible for me to escape and am loving watching the Bruins games with the package. HD hockey games are definitely awesome and I'll be traveling to Boston this year for a playoff game.

I've finished studying for my finance exam now just have to fill out the paperwork, get finger printed and I can schedule the test. It's a lot easier studying for a test in a classroom setting when the professor gives you hints. However for now I'll have to just go over a bunch of questions from the book and off the website. It's all multiple choice which I can't stand but it should go well.

The Yankees off-season is reminding me of the old Redsox off-seasons. They're signing a bunch of fringe guys hoping that one is productive. Generally it doesn't work and you're left scrambling by the trade deadline. As a Sox fan this is great watching the Yankees bring in old veterans who used to be good and then try and justify it. I've been there numerous times, good luck. My brother summed it up well in a recent text right after Pettitte retired "This has been the best off-season ever"

I really would just like for the snow to melt so baseball can start and I can golf again. Go Steelers!


A wise man learns by the mistakes of others,
a fool by his own.
Latin Proverb

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