December 15, 2010

Yet another baseball story (A very weird one)

Completely forgot about this one, told it to a friend the other day and figured it would make a decent blog post too. So this is from 2009, I was coaching my old high school team, it was in the middle of our surprise season and we were playing a city team. Now most county teams schedule city teams because they're going to be easy wins and we need to fill our schedule with a certain amount of non-league games. This was no different.

It was a rainy, dreary day at the field. They had 10 players on the team and no fans there. In the third inning we were in the process of scoring a few runs after the left fielder misplayed a few balls. Their coach then yells out "Let it hit you in the head." I know what he was saying but he could've worded it 10 other ways to make the kid feel better. The kid then responds back "Fuck you". So the coach pulls him in the middle of the inning. Now the coach really didn't have any other choice but pulling someone mid inning is the most embarrassing thing in the world for the player. They have to jog off with everyone looking at him and everyone knows why they're being pulled.

I'm coaching first at this point and have a clear view into their dugout, the 3rd base dugout. As the kid comes in the coach should've just let him alone, let both cool down, and talk to him later. However he decided to talk to him right away. Things escalated and the kid starts swearing at the coach takes off his jersey and whips it at his face. The kid, obviously indicating he's quitting the team leaves the dugout and is obviously very upset. Now right outside our dugout is a small bench, he sits on it and the coach yet again comes over and talks to him. This is all while the game is going on.

Another shouting match ensues and now they're face to face with everyone at the field looking at them. The kid then throws a right hook and connects squarely to the coach's jaw. He then grabs the player and they go rolling over the bench. The kid somehow lands on top of him and is just throwing punch after punch until our coach runs over and breaks them up. Now the game is stopped and everything has finally settled down. The kid is moved over to the bleachers and our AD is sitting with him and he let him use his phone to get a ride back home.

Everything settles down and we continue playing the game. One of our transfer students who was coincidentally our best hitter knew the kid from being in the city previously. He was casually telling people "This probably isn't over, his Dad is a nut and he's coming back." Unfortunately the kid was left unsupervised in the parking lot which was a big error on our school's part.

The entrance to our field was a bit weird. You had to walk in through a path leading up to the center field fence. From there you could only gain access by walking behind the left field fence and entering by about third base extended. It's about a 90 second walk and you could see through our fence so you could always see who is walking towards the field. Sure enough about 15 minutes later the dad and son appear in center field and are making the walk towards to field.

We were hitting and as soon as the kid showed up, our coach said to theirs "Go over to our side, we have parents over there." He then notified the AD. At this point they were at the left field foul pole. Their coached declined the offer and as they moved closer your coach was basically pleading with him to go over to the other side. Their coach yet again said no. From there our AD tried to restrain them but didn't do a real good job as they breezed right by him.  Their coach was at the far end of the dugout closest to homeplate.

As the Daa and Son entered into the field play stopped. our coach tried to say something but as soon as the Dad saw the coach he sprinted at him tackled him and started to throw punches. The kid followed up by trying to kick him as many times as he could. Our head coach and his Dad tackled the Father and one of our parents was able to restrain the player. I ran over from the first base coaching box to make sure none of their players got involved. Finally everything seemed to be settled down but as the kid was leaving he was screaming "This isn't over, I'm gonna cut you on Monday. Watch out." With some other expletives thrown in there.

Now our school has a reputation for being a bit on the rowdy and undisciplined side. However some of our players were definitely shaken after that. We though they were just going to call the game with us being up 10-2 in the 5th but their players actually wanted to play and rallied around their coach. During the 6th inning cop cars were driving behind the centerfield fence and our coach was giving statements which he wasn't happy to be doing during the game. We pulled most of our starters and it was quickly 10-6 before we had to re-enter everyone.

We ended up winning 10-6 but the whole thing was just surreal. After the game our the coaching staff was talking about it and the head coach brought up a great point. "That's the first time I've ever felt uncomfortable on a baseball field." Thinking about it later he was 100% right. I've had some embarrassing and awkward moments on the ball field but never have I felt uncomfortable. Most of the time when you see something you never have before it's cool and you make a note of it. However this was anything but cool.

In fact if you had me pick my top 5 safest places on earth, a baseball field would definitely be on there. That's what made this day so memorable, for the first time ever a baseball field I felt uncomfortable. I had no control over the situation and it was very scary as you really didn't know what was going to happen next. It's certainly a day I'll never forget.


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