November 09, 2010

.04, No not my BAC

I've been in our DC $300 league for the last 3 years. It's by far the most competitive league I've ever been in guys go off the waiver wire a week earlier than any other league, every owner has a good idea of what's going on, and there's a reason behind every move. Last year I was in three leagues and finished in 1st, 1st, and 3rd in the DC one. I was more proud of finishing third than either of my championships.

This year I was 4-4 going into last week and up by 12.04 points going into MNF. I had Pittsburgh's defense, he had Mendenhall. Those that play fantasy football know that Monday night is the ultimate sweat. It's the only game you have to watch and you're refreshing your browser constantly. I was up by 7.5 points going into the 4th quarter and that quickly shrank to 4.5, 3.3,1.1, until I was down by .96 points while Pittsburgh still had the ball. It was at this point I actually needed Cincy to get the ball back in order to score points, I was fortunate enough to have that happen.

So now I need a sack, interception, or fumble recovery. On the first play of the drive the Steelers sack Palmer and I regain the lead by .04 points. At this point it's a double edged sword. I want Pittsburgh to get a stop because if Cincy scores I lose a point but I don't want them to get the ball back too soon and have Mendenhall gain the one yard he needs to beat me. Well the Bengals got down to the Steelers 17 with 1 minute remaining and they bucked down to get the stop. So now I'm 5-4 clinging to the last playoff spot in the league and am hoping that I can hang on.

The other league I'm in is an old school league (they still type out the weekly reports on excel). It's my Dad's league that my brother and I draft for him in. When I first started I thought that these guys were the best FF players of all time. Now that my brother and I are older we realize that the league is incredibly soft. The only bad part is they're so old school that they don't like to trade. We have Cutler as our QB and are trying to upgrade. One owner has Eli Manning and Tom Brady, we offered Jamaal Charles for either of them. He declined and gave us the reason that he wants to keep both because he thinks Manning or Brady is going to get injured soon. Awesome.

For those that read my blog know I lost about 20 pounds at the beginning of this year. The majority of the time I just wear gym shorts so I just tie the draw string and that's not much of a problem. On the EPT Barcelona website I saw that no shorts are allowed in the casino so I went to try on my jeans and only one pair still fits me. While a good thing since I've kept the weight off now I need to go shopping for some new clothes and that's not so good since I hate shopping.

It should be a fun next couple of months with traveling to Barcelona, Atlantis for the PCA, and then to Arkansas for a college basketball trip. One of my first students is an assistant coach for the fourth ranked team in division 2. We've kept in touch over the last couple years and I've followed his trip through coaching college basketball. I recently commented to him that I know so little about basketball compared to experts so he invited me down to watch a practice and/or a game. Since I love watching basketball and figure I have nothing else to do I think I'm gonna head down there in late January, early February. Should be fun.

Finally, you can really tell if someone's an expert on something when you hear them talk. That sentence was awful so I'll give a better example. I watch a good amount of tennis and know a decent amount. At college a couple years ago I was walking behind some tennis players and one throws out a joke, "So I just kick served to her backhand on the deuce court." and they all started laughing. I had no idea what a deuce court was until I went and looked it up. Then they started talking about grips, etc and I was completely lost.

If I hear someone talking about baseball within 2 minutes I have a good idea of what level they're on, what I can bring up and if they'll understand it. Same goes for basketball, I know all the basics but once you start getting into intricate offenses I have no idea. I figure this'll be a great opportunity to learn and it should be fun. As one of my buddies usually says to me "What else do I have to do?".


“A man's errors are his portals of discovery.” James Joyce

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