October 14, 2010

Lets do it Rangers, random ramblings.

Props to anyone who knows what movie the title is from. Bunch of random stuff to talk about today plus my playoff preview, which of course will be non-biased as I have the Giants to win the NLCS and I hate the Yankees.

Also, for those that don't read J-Mac's blog, this is one of the best entries I've ever read. 

The job interview went well, I'm probably going to call back tomorrow to set up a second meeting. Basically I'm going to have to take a few tests that are self study to get properly licensed then try to scrounge up clients for my first couple years. The guy that owns the company said the first couple years can be rough so it's good that I have a side income. There's a reason I made personal finance my major as it was a topic that I enjoyed learning about and really interests me so I am excited to get started and hope it goes well.

Heading to a local casino on Monday with my brother for some craps fun and golfing. I've sort of evolved from just going to the casino to gamble and now I try to do just about everything but gamble at Turning Stone. Their golf course is immaculate and I love their Italian restaurant there so win or lose it'll be a blast. At the same time, I wouldn't say no to a hot craps roll either.

A guy God moded me last night. I played him for 300 hands and lost $700 to him. He was playing 85% of his hands and winning 75% at SD. He played in such a weird way too that he'd check shove overbet constantly. Every time I looked him up it was a very strong hand. At first I was doing it with TPGK, then it went into Top and bottom, bottom 2, etc and every time I was wrong. The last time he did it with a draw and obviously got there, so yeah it wasn't a great night of cards.

OK, playoff preview time. Obviously based on the division series you should ignore my AL prediction and bet as much money as you can on my NL prediction. Again I could make this a long stat based preview but instead you'll have to settle for a couple paragraphs of words.


The Yankees could not possibly have things go better for them through the division series. They swept Minny and Cliff Lee had to pitch game 5 in the ALDS. This Texas team really isn't that good especially with Hamilton clearly not being right, Vladdy can certainly be pitched to, and their line-up isn't that deep. Their bullpen is actually really good and I think I'd take Oliver, O'Day, and Feliz over the Yankee trio of relievers.

The Yankee line-up is obviously very good with Granderson on fire it's become much more potent. 1-9 it's as deep as any line-up in the big leagues. The key for them is the pitching. Sabathia is a stud, the wild cards for them are Pettitte, Hughes, and Burnett. Burnett blows and I think if he wins game 4 the Yankees are a lock to win the series. As strange as it is I think the Rangers need to split at home. Taking two will be tough and they have the freak who never throws any balls known as Cliff Lee starting game 3. The plan for the Rangers in my opinion is to take 1 of the first 2 at home, count on Lee for a win, and rock Burnett in game 4. Unfortunately Tommy Hunter isn't very good either and lefties crush him which means a high scoring game 4 in a probability.

How do I see it going? All depends on the first 2. C.J. Wilson is very good but can be wild and will be tough for him to go more than 6 unless he's throwing strikes. The Yankees need to finish this off in 6, despite winning a Lee start during the regular season it's not something they want to count on in this series. Unfortunately I just don't think the Rangers line-up is quite good enough and I think the Yankees will win in 6.


I'm actually really excited about this series. Both pitching staffs are outstanding and it'll be incredibly interesting to see how things shake out. Despite not scoring a ton and facing a better trio of pitchers in the NLCS I think the Giants offense is a tad underrated. It's not that good but you'd think they were the Mariners the way the media is talking about them. With the additions of Ross and Burrell their outfield went from sucktastic to pretty good offensively. Defensively is another story. I also think their pitching staff is being undersold. Everyone is focusing on Lincecum-Halladay in game 1 but Timmy was actually the third best starter for the Giants this year.

I also think the Phillies line-up is extremely overrated. Rollins hasn't been that good with the exception of his MVP year. Howard has a couple huge holes in his swing, and Victorino is having a down year. This is going to be another close, low scoring series as both pitching staffs are that good and both line-ups aren't. I actually don't think the Giants need to win game 1 like everyone is saying.

I think the key factor in this series is going to be the bullpens. Romo was great all year for the giants but was terrible against the Braves. If he struggles then San Fran is in big trouble. As far as the Phillies, Lidge has been great since mid year and something has clicked in Madsen as well. The back end of their bullpen has had good years and if they get the same pitching as the NLDS they'll be fine. In the end I think you're going to see a 6 or 7 game series here, Vegas has the Giants as a 2-1 underdog this series but it's a lot closer than people think. Giants in 7.

Oh and all 4 managers in the LCS's are pretty terrible in game managers, I actually think Charlie Manuel is the best one which isn't saying much.


You can't sit on a lead and run a few plays into the line and just kill the clock.  You've got to throw the ball over the goddamn plate and give the other man his chance.  That's why baseball is the greatest game of them all.  ~Earl Weaver

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Go Yanks!

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