August 25, 2010

Random Thoughts

  • The Redsox have a doubleheader against the Mariners tomorrow. As a fan, doubleheaders are usually great. As a poker player they're outstanding. 6 hours worth of baseball is pretty much guaranteed and with your team in a pennant race it's just awesome. I don't expect the Redsox to actually come back, Tampa and NY are just too talented and there's too much going against the Sox but it'd be nice to take 2 tomorrow.
  • As a coach I hated doubleheaders. The days at the ballpark are just so long and generally anything less than a sweep is almost always a bit of a disappointment. Not to mention the days are generally in the middle of summer and incredibly hot. As a player I actually loved them, I was a catcher and my bat wasn't good enough to play both games so I knew I had one game to just goof around and have fun.
  • There's been some turnover at the high school I coach at as far as the Varsity Head Coach. I won't be returning this year which is weird because I've been associated with the varsity program as a player and as a coach since 2002 (with the exception of 2004-2005). As far as what I'm going to do for baseball coaching next year, I've really kicked around a bunch of ideas. Little league is an option and individual catching lessons. I have so many drills as far as catchers are concerned I'm confident in my ability to make anyone solid defensively and I have a blast teaching it so hopefully that works out. Other than that I'm not sure, I have a few connections but I'll probably just take this year off and go from there.
  • Speaking of defensive catchers, the Japanese little league catcher is ridiculously good. His form is just outstanding as far as receiving. I haven't seen him throw but just the things he does while receiving pitches is outstanding. His chest is over his knees, he has a good low target, he's on his insteps, and just the way he forms his glove is awesome. So many little league catchers just do things fundamentally wrong, I love watching this kid. I should mention I'm a baseball geek as far as catchers go, I have no problems watching Yadier Molina or Joe Mauer catch either because they're so good at what they do.
  • The title of my blog is based off a Curb Your Enthusiasm clip. Here's the link in case anyone is interested. Larry David is just a genius and I can't wait for season 8 of Curb.


"Eighty percent of success is showing up."  ~Woody Allen

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