December 10, 2009

Taking a break from Coaching

I’m going to stop coaching for a while, basically I’m just burned out and want to relax a bit and just focus on my game. To me at least coaching is much more stressful than playing, especially live sweat sessions. I put more emotionally into my students swings than I do my own, especially when a student is on a big downswing. I’m not sure how other coaches feel but it can get mentally exhausting for me at least.

I was fortunate to get into coaching at the right time. It was right when DC needed a small stakes HU coach and I was lucky enough that my first two or three students worked incredibly hard when my program was very green. They also helped it to evolve and forced me to improve as a coach. It’s very satisfying to help someone from 50nl move up to 200nl and to see their poker mind evolve along with the change in stakes, however it just feels like it has become more of a chore than something I enjoy for the time being.

I’ve had a number of great students the past couple years, many of which I still keep in contact with today. Some still play poker, some have moved on and are achieving their goals outside of poker. I’ll probably get back into it in 3 or 4 months and I’ll probably change my program around a bit. Maybe start a coaching/staking program for a couple DC members at 50nl.

On the poker front, I was excited to play 45k hands this month unfortunately I started the month with a 20BI downswing and am just about getting back to even. Reviewing my play I was making some awful river calls (hint, top pair isn’t always the nuts). Luckily I still have 3 weeks left to work with.

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Loken17 posted on December 19, 2009 at 08:44 AM


Uh, just at the time I watched your vids and decided to take coaching :(

Good luck with your plan to build roll from NL50!

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