December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas All

Was reminded this Christmas of what really matters.

My mother has the distinction of being born on Christmas Eve (and named Carol…ho ho ho) so given I’ve had a nice year I wanted to buy her something she’d really want so I got her a Nintendo DS and for the last 2 days she’s done nothing but smile (except when she get’s stuck on Professor Layton and I unstick her in about 20 seconds) and that has been more rewarding for me than any material gift I could have been given.

Sadly as with all thing perfection was spared me by having one of my wisom teeth crumble on me today (same thing happened last year actually) fortunately it’s not causing me any pain so it can wait until New Year to be fixed so it’s just a little irriatating and not enough to ruin my mood…

The grind home can do that for me :)

But then again the reward will be worth it and I get to spend 6 days playing poker, watching football and generally screwing around….this is happiness.

Merry christmas to everyone

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