August 09, 2011

All watched over by machines of loving grace

The London Riots have got me in the mood to watch some Adam Curtis documentaries, so I googled him and I just found out he brought out a new documentary called ALL WATCHED OVER BY MACHINES OF LOVING GRACE - Insta downloading it and here's the trailer

 I would seriously recommend anyone to watch all of his documentaries. They can change your whole perspective on the world..

update: watched the first episode. Its fucking sick... the shit that hit asia described in this episode, well that is gonna hit the UK and the US too... it is inevitable. they took huge loans (think QE2) then the bankers got their investments out, the people footed the bill and Asia had a HUGE crash in the 90s (I have seen it for myself in Japan; my friend Yuki came from an upper middle class family and her dad owned a load of night clubs and radio stations in downtown Kobe, JP. Anyway the asia crash cost them a helluva lot and they lost their big house and 2 apartments from this shit, so it is definitely scary and also very real). Its inevitable this is going to happen in the west too, because the investment class are going to cover their asses and put this heat on the average man on the street, just like they did in asia in the 90s, just theyre gona do it in the west.

wow i LOVE his docs... its gonna hit us hard though.. soon

I cant recommend this documentary enough (trnt)

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