May 21, 2011


I have decided to cut down time spent deucescracked and spend more time on more productive things.

I spend too much time on just browsing topics in general forum and making posts. While i really enjoy them, they are not really that productive. Debating about issues which dont really affect my life is kind of pointless and takes up an unhealthy amount of my time.

I will still use this blog to make notes on videos watched and books read, and still use the forums to post hands.

Im about 5 videos into the Grindcore Thin Red Grind and I expect to have that series finished up soon.

I want to develop my skills into SEO and IM so if anyone has any advice please leave a comment.

Ive got the books SEO secrets and The Art of SEO as well as become a member on a couple of SEO and IM forums. 

The reason is simple, Poker is a game which is getting harder, the market is getting smaller (dont think in purely player numbers here, remember that the fish pool is the market and that is the pool thats getting smaller), sites like this one and others are teaching more players how to get great at the game. Your hourly depends upon how much time you put in away from the tables (which takes away from your $ hourly at the tables, in the short term at least). You have to put in and hour to get an hours pay (that sounds dumb to most, however there are other jobs where you work for say 4 hours, then receive money month after month after month).

Poker is fun, especially when you are a winning player like myself. However grinding out a living is not. And for me that's what poker has become. In the last 18 months as playing poker only, I've won a lot, but I haven't built up a nice roll because ive been spending my winnings. Granted I could have saved more, party less, but I didnt - so I am ultimately accountable.

Also, ive been playing small stakes for too long now 100-200nl and thats not good. DC is a great community but the videos are definately aimed more towards microstakes players and smallstakes players. I'm going to be subbing to another site aimed at midstakes players, probably bluefire or leggopoker, any suggestions?

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mitch posted on May 21, 2011 at 10:46 AM


Bluefire's a good bet, Galfond is a beast.

Also I agree with everything you say here, although think something to do with coding would be much more lucrative and interesting than SEO/IM. I don't know much about any of them though :P so take that fwiw.

AshThePro posted on May 21, 2011 at 16:11 PM


I'm getting into SEO myself. At work thats all I really focus on. I just went to a google adwords and google analytics seminar here in Denver.

My plan is to go back to school in the fall and free lance. I will set up ad words and analytics for small local business.

If you're interested to chat about SEO shoot me a message.

What SEO Forums would you suggest?

Acombfosho posted on May 21, 2011 at 17:38 PM


and yes def interested I'm a new and will be starting from ground up with SEO (have made websites before but they were pretty much turn key and a slight bit of html)

Thisbetom posted on May 26, 2011 at 08:22 AM


I was a web developer for 4 years before playing poker. Add me on AIM/Skype: Thisbetom

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leminhtan3 posted on September 14, 2017 at 04:12 AM


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