April 29, 2011

SCOOP and MiniFTOPS w/o US players

Now that the US players are no longer on STARS and FTP, I think that the SCOOP and MiniFTOPs in the coming month will be super soft. I think most US players that play on Stars and FTP are on average better than the Euro and Rest of world players for a number of reasons.

  • It was hard for them to get money online, so the players who had money online were more often winning players due to this
  • The Americans are way more into poker coaching
  • The Stars and FTP players in general are there for POKER where as on eurosites they mix in roulette, sportsbetting and craps/slots, so the mindset of the player pool is vastly different to begin with

Saying that, I do think us Euro guys are good too but just that more fish:regs ratio is in Europe IMO.

So, I am planning to play a handful of events in the next month:

May 8th:

 Stars 6max 200k GTD $22, Stars 200k GTD $22

May 9th: 

FTP Superstack 300k GTD $22

May 13th: 

Stars Ante Up 75k GTD $16.50

May 14th: 

FTP 6max Superstack $75k GTD $22

May 15th: 

Stars 200k GTD 15:00 $22, Stars 200k GTD 19:00 $22, FTP Rush Double Stack 50k GTD $22, FTP KO Superstack 200k GTD $22

May 16th: 

FTP Superstack 400k GTD $33

May 19th: 

FTP Rush Double Stack 40k GTD $33

May 22nd: 

Stars 6max 200k GTD $22, FTP KO 6max Superstack  250k GTD $26

May 23rd: 

miniFTOPS main event superstack $1mirrrrrion GTD $75

a little over $400 in buyins, 14 events, over $3mirrrrion in GTD prizepools - Ship it ONE TIME

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bosoxx34 posted on April 29, 2011 at 15:11 PM


GL, go get em.


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