May 23, 2010

Planning a proper structure

I’ve had a think and I’ve decided upon the following:

What times should I be playing to maximize my earn?

When there is many many fish – so 5pm-6am GMT, which is 11pm-12noon Thai Time

How many hours can I play optimally?
5-6hrs a day 4-5 days a week

What can I do to ensure I play these times?
Alarm clock, go to sleep at same time every night, eat well, drink well

How can I plan a good balanced diet, sleeping and exercise regime with my poker?
Wake up every day and have eggs and ham, inbetween sessions go swimming in the pool, go for massage, go to salad concept on the bike

How can I structure my days off so I get the most out of them?
Go out into the town and city and do an activity, get out of the house and find something fun!

What changes in my lifestyle do I need to make to carry these out?
only drink on your days off!

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annawilliam posted on December 05, 2017 at 05:49 AM


Good to see this Planning a proper structure. I like this structure. Reading from the I come to know about this Planning structure and these are the best.


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