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pr1nnyraiding: a heads-up strategy

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This is a work in progress.

How do you play heads-up No-Limit?

You raise your button regardless of your cards (raising creates pressure).

until you have a reason not to.

You don’t fold top pair (because 2-handed no one ever has anything).

until you have a reason to.

You bluff a lot (because if you don’t bluff they won’t fold).

until you have a reason not to.

You value bet relentlessly (because if you think you have the best hand, you usually do).

until you have a reason not to.

You run your opponent over at every opportunity.


Because they take it personally.


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Testing new avatar!

Yeah, and to keep it on topic:

Poker Lesson #1 - Never let avatars push you around


Old, but always relevant.

Posted almost 10 years ago


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button hooked

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Great strategy would like to see some video on NL heads-up.

Posted almost 10 years ago


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this is really good advice. it's really simple stuff like this that is often the most useful. more of it plz!

Posted over 9 years ago

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