Poker Video: MTT by iSport (Mid Stakes)

MTT Practices: Episode Four

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MTT Practices: Episode Four by iSport, daaaaaaang16

Daaaaaaang16 and iSport are continuing the session review and begin to get into more mid to late game theories and practices.

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In this follow-up to MTT Principles, Daaaaaaang16 and iSport review a Sunday's worth of live MTT action, featuring play from the early stages all the way to the final table.


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Comments for MTT Practices: Episode Four

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Avatar for CliffNotes

152 posts
Joined 01/2008

Time Link to 00:37:57

Good video so far. The ATo utg is a clear fold, though. I hate the reasoning that you "have a tight image" -- sure it's nice if everyone will fold AQ to you but that won't be enough to make this profitable. The tight image may actually make it easier for bad players to make a good decision here -- you'll see fewer calls from the hands you won't mind seeing or even dominate. This deep, ATo utg needs to get called by worse a fair amount to become profitable.

Posted about 7 years ago


Avatar for Yotamgibb

25 posts
Joined 11/2010

Cant tell you how much this series has helped with my game but dannnnng can you apply these methods to live mtts?

Posted about 7 years ago


Avatar for iSport

2 posts
Joined 08/2008

There's 755 already in the pot pre, before our shove, so against calling ranges we need far less than 50% to make this shove profitable. As we mentioned, it's definitely close, and I have no problem with a fold here, but I can't really fault a shove. I do think it's the bottom of our range with this stack size, however...without actually doing the math Smile

Glad you're enjoying the series!


Posted about 7 years ago


Avatar for dawheelz

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Joined 01/2011


Avatar for Jabracada

1 posts
Joined 10/2010

I agree the ATo is a fold, ATs, AJo maybe, if antes are bigger i think the ATo is reasonable, i just think if you plugged this in you would get a fold in said spot
Thoroughly enjoying this series though, can you talk over the hand where you flatted the A4s on the flop on A4X as opposed to raising? i think opp is jamming worse very very often on a pretty draw heavy board

Posted almost 7 years ago


Avatar for droodle

1 posts
Joined 11/2010

Time Link to 00:20:21

you said "when its checked to me twice and i fire" in this instance villan folds .. whats your move if villan flats your fire - river is a blank and villan checks again .. do you fire again or check ?

Posted almost 7 years ago


Avatar for Maxer

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Joined 08/2008

Time Link to 00:28:10

hahha "I dont know how the fuck that held" lol, nice vid dude

Posted over 6 years ago


Avatar for deathtoeli

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Joined 11/2012

Time Link to 00:43:40

like with that king 9 hand. like say u bet there. theres not alot of hands that call you but what kind of value do you put on betting just so that if he fold you dont have to show?

Posted over 5 years ago

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