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over 4 years ago

PLO8 possible I am pushing my equity

Sorry for the delay in responding to this thread.

Hand #1 I'd typically check/call seeing as we really have the worst kicker and another A is likely in play. Multiway like this, I'm ...

almost 5 years ago

PLO8/NL08 tournament issues/strategy

Typically pushing the PF edges of AAxx type hands is saved until later in tourneys, while earlier the value comes from amassing chips post flop. However if you are able play a lot of tourneys a...

almost 5 years ago

PLO8 nut hi draw with multiple players in hand.

Both hands are pretty straightforward folds. Drawing to high only on already made low boards is rarely a good idea as far too often you're being freerolled, especially multiway. As you mention...

almost 5 years ago

PLO o8 BB special

Pretty straightforward, you played it well. Versus his range you have a lot of equity. Top two with NFD and reasonable low equity vs a fairly wide range here is usually not a bad spot, especia...

almost 5 years ago

PLO o8 home game hands continued three spots

Hand #1 is a pretty easy fold. Your equity 5 handed is very low.

Hand #2 is, as you said, a cooler. I'd pretty much play it the same always.

And your last question, I do...

almost 5 years ago

PLO o8 home game

By pull does that mean that we are calling off more and push means we are pushing in?

Push/pull is really more of a limit thing, but what it generally refers...

almost 5 years ago

PLO o8 home game

The part of PLO8 I never get right: if me (re)raising with those strong hands will likely make the flop 2-3 way instead of 5-6 way, what's the plan? Push or pull? Should we assume th...

almost 5 years ago

PLO o8 home game

Wow! Really happy to see the guy who I practically learned PLO O8 from in PLO8 files respond to my question!

Greatly appreciate it!

Will take your advice and st...

almost 5 years ago

PLO o8 home game

Given that you're playing 40bbs effective, post flop will be all in or fold the majority of the time so really just want to focus on nut hands. Suited A2/3xx will be huge and even hands like su...

about 5 years ago


The Ray Zee book is actually pretty good. While a bit dated and obviously limited in scope, its worth taking a few hours to read, primarily to reinforce fundamentals.