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over 6 years ago

It's Almost Time to WCOOP My Losses (September LC/NC)

Driving to work the other day a license plate had the letters LRR and I snap thought, ' LOL he has aces' ; few minutes later I see a plate that reads Overlay. I miss teh pokah!

about 7 years ago

The DC P90X Thread

Hey all,
My brother gave me a copy of his discs and I just finished Day 2 (Plyo) but He didn't give me the book or a schedule of the routine. Can someone help me out, please?

about 7 years ago

**Official What Are You Drinking Tonight Panic/Depression** Thread

Not sure which wine I'm going to poor tonight, but I have a nice Petite Sarah I think.

What's it called? I'm always looking for a good Syrah/ Shiraz or w/e i...

about 7 years ago

**Official What Are You Drinking Tonight Panic/Depression** Thread

I'm having a few bottles of Sierra Nevada Glissade then running in the morning

over 7 years ago

Good series for the MP3 format

Like Silent Bob said, Tournamentality is a great series for the MP3 format. Good to see you back, Speirs!

over 7 years ago

taxdood offering poker tax Q&amp;A

Do you have to file any amount of winnings you may have? Conversely, can you declare losses? Does it matter if you consider yourself an amateur or a professional? TY for the advice.


over 7 years ago

Oh Shoot, He Called.. Wait I Won?! I'm A Genius (January NC.LC)

Oba, just tried joining your Home game, if you'll have me.. Everyone knows I'm a spewtard so I should be good for the game if and when I'm available. I'm also starting one too if we ever need a ...

over 7 years ago

1/2 6 max 76s

I like a coldcall with these type of hands against a poor player. I don't really want it headsup against him with 7 hi - do I? Having other players in the pot is a good thing for my ...

over 7 years ago

2011 Poker Resolutions

My Resolutions for a better poker game:
1. Open limp more from any position
2. Over limp to create a bigger pot. It’s the nuts, I tell ya!
3. Cold call. Need a reason? Look at ...

over 7 years ago

Finish Strong DC! December NC/LC

Nut low calls!

Poker Stars $3/$6 Limit Hold'em - 2 players - View hand 1088971