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about 4 years ago

Nut low with OESD facing flop CR

I prefer to raise this pre on the button v. a single limper. We have an ace with a couple wheel cards and the 6 will allow us to freeroll sometimes when we get it in wheel v. wheel. On this flop...

over 4 years ago

O8 videos?

I would definitely love to see some new PLO8, LO8 content as well!

over 4 years ago

** OFFICIAL ** awesome links thread

The incredible power of concentration:


over 5 years ago

Any ex-smokers on here? How did you quit?

My way was somewhat unorthodox but it worked and I have seen it work for friends of mine as well...

Anybody that has ever tried to quit any tobacco product will tell you that the most...

over 5 years ago

Pokerstars Achievement Badges?

Surely there's a way to turn that off in your preferences? Or at least not allow badges to show up for yourself? I wish I could check it out for you but unfortunately I'm in the US...

about 6 years ago

Home Game Strategy

[quoteI'm not sure how I'm gonna handle the inevitable offering of alcohol. I don't drink much at all, and whenever I do I get tipsy very, very easily, like 1 beer, I suspect since I don't drink...

about 6 years ago

If you could go back knowing what you know now...

I was talking with a friend yesterday about how we both got started in poker and how we both approached the learning process in our efforts to improve. I thought it would be helpful if we could ...

about 6 years ago

How did you improve your mental game?

Here are some things that help me out:


about 6 years ago

Help me buy a car

I like my VW Passat. It's a 2004 and has a little over 100k miles so it's been reliable. Not very expensive and it's a fun car to drive. Worth considering imo.

about 6 years ago

Congrats DeathDonkey!

You might want to check this site out. It's pretty new so not sure how much volume they have in your area right now but worth a look. Could prob save you a good bit of cash on baby stuff.