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over 6 years ago

Derailleur : Episode Two

WOW - thanks for the much improved quality (ie not blurry), so thanks v.much for acting on the feedback from the 1st video

@4.10 - if SB calls, is this an instant raise or just a chec...

over 6 years ago

Derailleur : Episode One

Here's my view on the video:

Continue / What was good - liked the way DJ asked Adam to explain his thought process, and why certain bets were made, with ideas on alte...

almost 7 years ago

Crossfire : Episode Eight

We need more MagicNinja, I hope next round of series there will be a new one from him


almost 7 years ago

Season 5 Intro - 2011

so many Canadians now .... (AEJones, Phil Galfond, Stinger....) and now Ansky - YAY

will be interested to see the PLO series with Adam S ..

almost 7 years ago

DC Shorts : KasinoKrime (#2) - Concepts for All Stakes

Awesome break down.

Wish you and magicninja were more active with PLO videos. Just great stuff.

Thank you.

this ....

almost 7 years ago

MonoPLOly : Episode Six

Enjoyed this video

I've had trouble with paired boards in PLO - especially as a PFR and knowing when to CB or not.

Also, question about your HUD - is this the one that yo...

almost 7 years ago

MonoPLOly : Episode Seven

Great - will look forward to the next video


almost 7 years ago

PLO w Ante series request

Haven't seen too many PLO w Ante video's (think there's just 1 with Whitelime & Phil Galfond a few years ago) and was wondering if there's any chance or plans to make a series on this.

almost 7 years ago

Poker with Your Pants On : Episode Eight

this is one of the best series on DC ... looking forward to your next series Wink

about 7 years ago

DC Shorts : Linkwood (#4) - Micro-stakes Part 3

I think this is a clear bet (and then fold to a cr)

Reason being is that villain is showing signs of tight reg - with a 3B % of 4, and fold to 3B of 67. If he had something like AK, ...