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over 4 years ago

Coming from busto to go pro

I really recommend keeping your job and waiting until you know you're a solid winner at larger stakes- stakes that will allow you to play professionally.

20k sounds okay. Are you incl...

over 5 years ago

10NL - shove or call river? easy shove?

At least a call here. I think that shoving is best here- they can easily have worse hands on the river.

over 5 years ago

NL25 6max Zoom TP+flushdraw vs x/r

given stacks, i think you just have to go with it.

over 5 years ago

NL10 6max 3bet pot TP vs x/r from PFA

i think you're beat here a good % of the time. i don't think he's making this play with hands like AQ (though maybe he is).

this is probably fine the way you played it. another alter...

over 5 years ago

TPJ vs aggression MW

seems like a standard flop fold here. no real great turns and a spot where villain is unlikely to be bluffing.

over 5 years ago

[50NL] QQ 377JT facing river ch/r

seems like a standard river fold as played. you'd have to put him on some weird hands turned bluff (like 88 or whatever)- seems like a difficult assumption to make.

over 5 years ago

25NL - AK missed flop in 3bet pot

seems fine. sizing seems a bit off- you could heavily consider jamming the flop if you think villain is heavily out of line, but a fold is fine too. actually, given the size of your 4-bet , i mi...

over 5 years ago

NL25SH gutter+overs against aggro-fish

seems finely played. you could consider raising the flop but meh.

as played, maybe raise the river? i dont know. your line isn't really very consistent with anything but a flush draw...

over 5 years ago

JJ oop vs unknown fish

This is probably good. I'd be tempted to call down but the fold is probably okay as well.

over 5 years ago

[50NL] Facing turn CR vs. passive fish

given 50bbs and this player, i'd probably go with it. if he were 100bb deep, i think this is a fold.