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almost 7 years ago

Mods for I poker

The new minimaxmod is only in beta atm for people who held an old licence. ha...

almost 7 years ago

Need Video Submissions--Finishing Coaching Kristy 2

I was considering making a video but like would much prefer to see a video of duffte's play.


about 7 years ago

NL 400 T9s bvb flop nuts

26/20 calling extremely wide bvb according to my HUD. This is my second hand at the table.
He doesn’t seem to fold to many cbets IP nor raise many cbets IP, though I wouldn’t expect m...

about 7 years ago

NL 400 6max: rr Pot as PFA with TPTK on River after having checked on the flop

On flop I think checking is definately viable. As you say he you will be giving up quite a lot on this board so we can expect him to stab often. But with your read that he's aggressive vs weak...

about 7 years ago

toptwo BU vs BB - what do you call the river c/r ai with?

I know the sample isn't that big and we don't have a clue about his ranges, but it seems reasonable to discount big pairs and BW a fair bit given how much he's been 3betting. Then it's down to ...

about 7 years ago

NL200 6max: Easy Calldown -> linecheck?

I agree that we can discount 5x because people will cbet it quite a lot, but i think what's more important here is how likely is it that he's bluffing here? If he seems very straightfo...

about 7 years ago

Table scanner for Merge?

tablescanturbo just added merge

over 7 years ago

600NL - JJ v fish.. vbet turn?

With this hand on this flop against a 40/20 aggressive halfstacked swede I can hardly imagine folding at any point Smile

Flop, I would ...

over 7 years ago

600NL - What's the worst hand you can call here?

When he squeezes this small I would probably call pre, then the bigger he makes it the more it becomes a 4B(shove) or fold spot for me.

If these are your only reads on him then I'd be...

over 7 years ago

Ansky and Blah : Episode Three

I vote for switch it up

Please stop interrupting Dani.

well played