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over 4 years ago

Any New podcasts in the works?

If I buy a 2 year subscription will you restart Hey Ball?

almost 5 years ago

Hey Ball!

I told Jordan I'm using the google machine then I got sad now I want another HeyBall Ep (plz).

almost 5 years ago

PLO BR Management - view

I only feel comfortable if it's 100+. You tend to become more conservative the longer you play as the terrifying face which is PLO variance is slowly revealed to you.

Agreed with the ...

almost 5 years ago

Win rate question....

Add "The Eightfold Path to Poker Enlightenment" to your list.

almost 5 years ago

GTO where to start off?

I saw u @mitch! Poke Tongue


almost 5 years ago

Blah Blah GTO : Episode Five

I get a lot out of the DC forums and am glad I can be such a positive part of it.

about 5 years ago

what do you think about PLO100 being "unbeatble"?

Stars have stated that for 100PLO, supernova+ players are doing ok but lower VIP levels are struggling (relative to their NL counterparts). This implies that much of a winrate is coming from rak...

about 5 years ago

Time to learn PLO (low-content speculation thread)

Chess isn't solved!