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about 7 years ago

Review of OMGClayDol Coaching for SNG/MTT

( p.s I'm heading out now for WSOP #8A in an hour's time, thanks again and I hope to see some DC members there )

about 7 years ago

Review of OMGClayDol Coaching for SNG/MTT

Hi, I came across OMGClayDol when I was searching for a coach to give me a crash course on MTT play for the WSOP this year. He was quick to reply and we had a brief chat on skype and even during...

almost 8 years ago

Group for HU NL 100-400

Looking for HU buddies that plays HU NL for a living. I play HUNL 100-400 on both Stars and FTP. Send me a PM and I'll add you on skype.

I'll love to do frequent session reviews and...

about 8 years ago

End of month reviews/goals for July

I always like to do the end of month review with another HU player as it always increase our perspective of the game and give us something to work on as well.

You seem to work hard on...

about 8 years ago

NL200 - Two pair on flush-turn

I just hardly think anyone would be checking the nuts on the river. If he has it he's value betting it as its just 1 pot size bet. It would be very difficult for him to call river if you shoved....

about 8 years ago

NL100 Would you call river?

The turn bet is very small, almost 1/2 Pot bet. I think that by doing that changes the range he could be C/Ring you as compared to a normal 2/3P bet. Does anyone else think so too?


about 8 years ago

NL100: TPTK vs. a overbetting fish

I like the way you played it. With KK, its hard for them to outdraw us with the board pairing on flop. There are a lot of turns and river that he can barrel as well. If you give him a chance to ...

about 8 years ago

nl400 JJ 200 bb deep preflop

Flatting here is bad, OOP post and we're deep. Given his 1st 4B, we have little reason to continue with Js. Moreover, you're not 3betting him heavy.

If he has a marginal or speculativ...

about 8 years ago

Heads Up Study Group

"Jay, Dani, Brian, Ariel and Emil are living proof of what you can do when you put your heads together."
Durrr and Galfond as well.

I would like to gather a HU study...

over 8 years ago

Beginner Video for FR

Big thanks to everyone who helped.