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over 7 years ago

To Rush or Not to Rush?

I've played night after night of 1,000 hands at rush PLO10/25, super nitty play, near breakeven is the end result usually. People are way too patient at rush, I prefer nonrush.

almost 8 years ago

***New LHE talent joins DC***

Very impressed.

almost 8 years ago

I made an aggressive call - July LC/NC

Doesn't get worse than this

Poker Stars $0.50/$1 Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 2 players - View hand 81540...

almost 8 years ago

Note taking off table.

It's not the quantity of the information but the quality. A few unusual hands can give you a very specific read on an opponent.

I take a note immediately whenever I see something unu...

about 8 years ago

25PLO: BTN in limped pot with ds junk

I typically fold this on the button. We're getting into a multiway pot with crappy flush draws and a disconnected hand. This hand is better heads up and in a 3bet pot.

If sb or bb r...

about 8 years ago

25plo cbet raised on dry two tone flop

Good fold. Limp called pf, likely he has a set in range. If he's limping UTG at PLO25 I'd venture a guess and say that he's a weak player and is not raising the flop light.

and yes ...

about 8 years ago

PLO50 - std shove yes?

villian is tight passive nit. Most likely hand in his range is set or some other kind of monster. Just shove flop? Would you ever call?

Also, I know my utg might be a little light,...

about 8 years ago

PLO25, river spot

What are we doing if we bet turn and he pot raises turn? I agree with the bet I just don't know how to treat the raise.

about 8 years ago

PLO100 - Gross.

I don't like how I played this hand. I wouldn't normally shove. but I felt his flop pot was such a silly bet I felt the urge to insta CRAI.

I got shown a 9 and *facepalm*.

about 8 years ago

25PLO: Line check with monster Part 2

If villian was tight passive I'd call the raise and CR turn. If villian was loose aggro I'd try your line every once in awhile to punish his barreling. If villian was loose passive I'd just 3b...