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about 6 years ago

Cant Access Deuceplays Premium Podcasts

How do I access the past episodes? also where is the forum to the past episodes for deuce premium...thanks guys!!!

about 7 years ago

Poker with Your Pants On : Episode Three

Hi bart, the hand where you river a set of JJ, can we really put KT and T8 in his cold calling range vs a pfr after you tag him to be a solid kid??? Even KTs and T8s is pretty questionable vs yo...

over 7 years ago

The Sandbaggers - msNLHE Full Ring Group

I hope i can make one of these soon, sounds like a lot of fun and learning

almost 8 years ago

BRM and taking shots.

depending on how many tables you play I guess depends on how many buy ins you need for your base limit. Base limit for you is 20NL. I play 24 tables and like to have 75-100 buy-ins for my limit....

almost 8 years ago

Supernovas at 50NL?

Yeah supernova is pretty easy to attain at most said, most of them are bad, including me when i first started 8 months ago to play online. But if they just worked on their game a lo...

almost 8 years ago

FR Micro-Small stakes study group

hey guys, I don't know how involved I can be with the group, but if I have some free time, i'm willing to try and help out my best. I play 50NL full ring for a living taking care of my wife and...

almost 8 years ago

50NL : T9s situation

I really can't see bet/folding an option against the fish. If he has you beat he has you beat. He can show up with so much random hands and a Kx or even AQ here. Against a reg, its a fold

almost 8 years ago

SNE pursuit and goals

Is it in your options to play less tables and move up? Then you can be at NL400 and you don't have to play 7 hours a day. Or do you need to cash out often, etc?

almost 8 years ago

Afraid of making costly mistakes

I would just say, work on your deepstack game. Whenever I have 200+bb's at a table and covered by some other players, I get a little more uncomfortable with my play. It's a whole different dynam...

almost 8 years ago

Changing Your Luck

I flip my lucky coin =)