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about 6 years ago

Finally Canadian : Episode Seven

In the hand versus timothee on the k73r flop turn A river 8 you say its best to shove most of your range for vlaue and bluffs and that his call is fine bc ajo is the top of his range and he need...

about 6 years ago

Ansky vs durrrr : Episode Two

I disgree with your opinion that tom has to bluff this river with his specific hand because its pretty much the weakest hand he can get to this river with based on game theory. I think it would...

about 6 years ago

Mentor : Ansky (#1) - 100NL Heads Up

lol if you think he's floating why the hell would you ever check raise all in with top 2 on that board. c/c c/c.
Your turn line doesn't make any sense with your priori assumption. I mean i...

about 6 years ago


Any recommendations on any of the PLO video series? I just twatched the Selbst and Lime Aids series.


over 6 years ago

DC Shorts : Whitelime (#6) - PLO from the CO

I don't mind your turn lead. It allows you to isolate the pot with j4kerstar and lets you get away from the hand if krondix gets his money in.

In my opinion, j4kerstar would probably ...

over 6 years ago

100nl - QQ in 3-bet pot, ugh

The board smacks standard 3bet flatting ranges so hard. 78,89,JT, etc. Playing it by check calling turn and river, imo, is the worst way to play it against thinking balanced villains. If this wa...

over 6 years ago

DC Shorts : Whitelime (#5) - $5/10 PLO Hands

First hand, on the turn,if the blank hits, is 20% equity the right number? I came up with 25%.