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almost 8 years ago

10 NL, AK vs. TAG regular flop overbet

As was mentioned before, unless this guy 3bets light, his 3 bet is representing a lot of strength since you raised in EP. Granted, he could be doing this as a squeeze but you don't have enough ...

about 8 years ago

What's ICM & how do I learn about it? Is it useful for tournaments?

ICM stands for Independent Chip Model. It is essential to learn how to play SNG's and for tournament endgames. You might get better responses if you post your questions about it in the tournam...

about 8 years ago

10 people for micro FR?

Hey guys. I'm interested in talking to other FR players and working on our games together. PM me if still interested.

about 8 years ago


well last night right before my post i signed up at rakebackpros, today i got an email from them and FTP confirming i have rakeback now. less than 24hrs since i signed up and now i h...

about 8 years ago

Attention - UB/AP players

I don't know anything about the technical issues so I can't comment but here's UB's response:

about 8 years ago

100NL two pair on flop am I always stacking?

This is a yucky spot imo. Thankfully he has a half stack and it's probably a stack off situation here given the odds you're getting. Your hand is very much disguised. However, his line looks ...

about 8 years ago

Flopped set to EP raiser. How to maximize value?

The line UTG+2 is taking looks pretty strong, but there are only 6 combinations of hands that we are really afraid of here: QQ and TT, even A

about 8 years ago

micro videos

Yeah, olds! lol Don't feel like DC is all 20-somethings who are grinding online poker all day. There are 30's-ish+ folks like myself who have families and full time careers, but who also enjo...

about 8 years ago

The Wire easily the best TV ever

Yeah, I really kind of hate waiting one or more weeks for any show I watch, let alone something near the level of The Wire.

Agree. I watched this on d...