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over 9 years ago

Full ring team?

I play 100nl full ring. I'm interested.

over 9 years ago

Interested in NL50 or 100 team (us timezone)

I'm in. I play 100nl. I like to discuss strategy.

almost 10 years ago

200FR coach

Nolan has coached me and is a valuable friend and asset. He's flexible, friendly and intelligent.

almost 10 years ago

Adjusting to 100% minraise BTN

How big were you 3betting him?

nm. I see it now.

almost 10 years ago

Ringside : Nolan (#2)

Being the aggressor + position >> than just position. KTo is a bad 3b hand and I don't want to play a hand that is often dominated is the basic ABC of it.


almost 10 years ago

Ringside : Nolan (#2)

Would you comment on the KTo hand you isolate with at 53:44 and then on the same table 1min later you find yourself on teh button with KTo and chose not call a LP raise with it. I don't have a ...

over 9 years ago

Lightsabers : Episode Six

My first attempt at implementing the

"when a baddish player makes an enormous 3bet he almost always has AK"

I got owned. Villain was 54/14 with a 17%...

almost 10 years ago

New Table Mods Contest!! (win ~$500 coaching value)

this stars table was my fist attempt but it is obvious that the card faces have to go and the logo needs to be raised above the community card area

about 10 years ago

LIME-AID : Season Premiere

Around the 9:40 mark. You 3bet from the BB against an UTG raise from a tight player (12%-14% total pfr) with AQo, what was your thought process here? I know you say you want to establigh an agg...