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about 3 years ago

Hey Ball!

plz guys

almost 5 years ago


That is without a doubt the most Australian thing I've ever seen.

almost 5 years ago

DC Minecraft server?

Make this happen.

about 5 years ago

10 years in a basement

Fast food+gym+internet. Basically my life as it is right now.

How many points would I need to give up just to guarantee that mitch was locked in a basement for 20 years?

almost 6 years ago


RIP Mayhem Miller('s career).

about 6 years ago

What's up with the rash of limptards on merge

Thanks for the tip!

about 6 years ago

Message board "leveling" sucks

I'd think you'd be thrilled that people haven't heard your interview.

Touché. And I am. Oh god, I am.

about 6 years ago

Message board "leveling" sucks

Now that you're a listener of Badugi All-Stars, I'll leave you to your own inevitable demise.

I'd think you'd be thrilled that you have listeners that don't ...

about 6 years ago

Religion thread

I don't know if it's any better with sound, but I'm watching this in the library and it's pretty tilting Smile