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over 6 years ago

PLO by Numbers : Episode One

Missing parentheses. Should be n! / ( k! * (n-k)! ) etc.

about 7 years ago

MTT : Soepgroente (#4) - 9 Game Part 1

Vamonovomaestr0 stalling so he doesn't have to post BB just before stud...

over 7 years ago

LARP : Episode Seven

Villain has a gutshot here. Versus just undertrips we would have 78%.

almost 8 years ago

Tournamentality : Episode One

Show replay of the hands, then it's a video. Smile Would be easier to follow the action between all the tangents.

about 8 years ago

Where have all the MICRO TAGS come from (PS)??

PS euro-tables still have higher rake than dollar-tables? So the euro-fish are going to euro tables as they redeposit. They don't understand/care about the rake.

So there's not more...

about 8 years ago

Odds of this happening?

Is 10,000,000/1 correct?

I'll mame up my own conclusions.

Would it change your conclusions if it was 1 in 1,000,000 or 100,000?

about 8 years ago

Nadia, on the Big Game

They all have to audition.

I bet she will become a sponsored donkament pro. The Big Game is just an introduction.

Heart that smile...

about 8 years ago

Pregaming : Episode Four

Hand Average Rank
***2 71.41
***3 64.89
***4 58.36
***5 51.89
***6 51.73
***7 51.73

about 8 years ago

Ziggi in Music Vid, lol

Wow... ancient language --> hip hop style... Really weird sounding combo.

Finnish isn't ancient. It didn't appear in written form before 16th ce...

about 8 years ago

Run it four times on the Big Game..

I kind of feel sorry for Hellmuth some times. I know he's a dick n all that but it seems like it hurts him a lot when he loses.

I once felt sorry for...