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over 9 years ago

Spaceman in a Cowboy Hat : Episode One

Danza, really enjoyed watching this video. Thanks!

almost 10 years ago

Continuation Betting

I am mainly a sit and go player, and I've played plenty of hands at almost all levels (I usually play > $50 SnGs, but have played up to $1100) and one thing I'm having trouble with is knowing...

almost 10 years ago


I've noticed you playing a lot of nosebleed stakes over the past few days...higher then I've seen you playing before (200/400 deep), etc. Just wondering if you can tell us when/why you started ...

almost 10 years ago

Remember the Railbirds : Episode One

5s 10s...'nuf said? Incredible video, high quality stuff...I love it, thanks a lot guys.

almost 10 years ago

Beoming a Coach

I would also be interested in free coaching

over 10 years ago

Movin' on Up : Episode Two

Let me start off by saying that I love watching your videos and I love your play style. However, that one hand where you had AQ clubs and you turned the stone cold nuts with the nut draw, I don...

over 10 years ago

Is Coaching Free?

On this website is the coaching free? If not, how much does it cost?

over 10 years ago

pr1nnyraiding : Episode One

When is the next episode coming out?