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over 8 years ago

Ringside : NLFool (#1) - 200NL 6-tabling

You seem like a good addition to DeucesCracked!

I think that you should make a video in the Hold'em Manager Replayer where you review hands that you opened in early and middle positio...

over 8 years ago

Never Tell Me the Odds : Episode Three Part 2

Would you go ahead and triple barrel the KhQh here if called on the turn? If so, on which cards?
It seemed to me like you set your bet sizes up to give you a good price on your bluff and t...

over 8 years ago

Never Tell Me the Odds : Episode Three Part 1

"Butt-off or cutton". Epic slip of the tongue Wink
I love the series so far. Hope it's going to continue being this good.

over 8 years ago

Mentor : Ansky (#1) - 100NL Heads Up

Great video, great format. Hope to see more.

over 8 years ago

Santa's Chanukah Helpers : Episode Four

Luciano's mic needs to be much louder. I can hardly hear him. If I turn the volume up to where I can hear him properly, KRANTZ is much too loud.

You might also wanna check out running...

almost 9 years ago

Twee Bets : Episode One

In the 75s hand, you said that you would fold the flop to a raise. I would probably do the same in game. However, these are spots which I think I can improve upon a lot (not necessarily 3betting...