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over 8 years ago

Best of 7 : Episode One

With more players in the pot, the less likely we should play A4T.

about 9 years ago

King valuebet HU 2-7 TD

Are you guys not 3betting this pre flop?

about 9 years ago

Razz $22 scoop tourney hand

Whatever you do on 6th, don't bluff the river if you brick!

about 9 years ago

PLO : Episode EIght

You make a wacked out wtf fold about 40min in with A965ds to a 3bet. Weed brownies obv.

about 9 years ago

Ghost : Sp00n (#1) - Razz

- Although the audio was ok, a better mic would be great.

Deuces Cracked are sending me a headset and a hoody!

In the vide...

about 9 years ago

Five's A Crowd S2 : Episode One

oh my god the stereo audio is blowing me mind

about 9 years ago

Razz - how played?

This hand is a huge brag! 5th is a little odd, I would bet out here 100%. I would also raise 3rd if villain is loose. Otherwise raising 4th is ok too, but a little less standard I suppose, even ...

over 9 years ago

Duel : Michaelsc (#3) - $1/2 HUPLO

omfg it's keanu

over 9 years ago

Two 0.5/1 Razz hands and some questions

Both hands look good, I'd be betting 6th in hand 2 though. When villain checks, it's so unlikely he has you beat.

1. ~300bb
2. Steal a bit less
3. Very good

over 9 years ago

1/2 razz, do you call 6th here? (warning, i'm a HE player)

3rd looks good, calling is reasonable some fraction of the time.

4th, seat 4 could have gone for a c/r to squeeze value from the the J

5th is a clear bet! It opens the ...