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about 7 years ago

Coaching Kristy 2 : Episode One

Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't responded to anything sooner! I started to go through the comments, but I'm at Caesars Palace covering the WSOPC National Championship and the internet is balls!...

about 7 years ago

Coaching Kristy 2 : Episode One

kristy, go rewatch season 1 episode 1 then compare it to this, its so cool to see how much you have progressed as player so far. love it

Thank you! Haha, I c...

about 7 years ago

Coaching Kristy 2 : Episode One

what software are you using for hud ?

I was using PokerTracker3. I just got a mac and Hold'em Manager doesn't work

over 7 years ago

Mentor : Coaching Kristy Season 2 Preview

Hey guys!!!! You guys are so awesome. I'm soooo excited too!!! Baluga has been in Vegas for the past couple of days, and we've shot the first two episodes which I think are really, really good. ...

almost 8 years ago

The DC P90X Thread

So... I just started doing this a few days ago, and my body feels like death! I tried to follow the calender, but it's too hard to go from super out of shape to doing this every single day! Comp...

about 8 years ago

Coaching Kristy : Episode Eight

Hey guys!

Thank you so much for watching. I have learned soooo much from Baluga, and I'm so excited about poker. I can't wait to see how far I can take it.

Here's a

about 8 years ago

KRANTZ : competition, and poker

Exactly what I needed to read after my spaz... Krantz! You're the best.

about 8 years ago

Coaching Kristy : Episode Seven

Thanks for the support guys.... haha if you guys have read my last blog, this is the session I was talking about.

about 8 years ago

Coachin Kristy Delayed

BUMP -- Sorry guys! Had the hardest time uploading the files so DC can do their magic and post it! FINALLY got it through. Thanks so much