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about 9 years ago

The Haj School : Episode One

I use Evernote (free) for my notes.

It is pretty much the Holdem Manager of note taking programs. It doesn't show the notes on the desktop, but is is pretty much ideal for sorting lot...

over 9 years ago

New Layout!!!!

I just want to compliment whoever came up with the idea of giving each subforum its own color.

Adding the links on the bottom of the page are pretty damn smart too.

over 9 years ago

Blackboard : vandweller (#1) - Flying Blinds

I only play cashgames, and started the video because it had a pretty preview picture.

I ended up watching all of it, and will probably spend some serious amounts of time absorbing it ...

over 9 years ago

shortstacking NL games

The time and energy you would spend getting good at shortstacking something like NL100$ would be much better spent getting good at beating NL25$.

Also, you have access to a huge range...

over 9 years ago

Professor Plotkin : Episode One

Stop apologozing for the stuff that makes the video good #/%&)(#/T%(#/! Grin

I have the 1.06.02 version but I don't ha...

almost 10 years ago


I could whip up some NL400$, however, it would probably be iPoker (modded tables of course), and I'm seriously paranoid about revealing my nick..

Basically, I'm a pretty straight fo...

almost 10 years ago


I could do NL400$, however, I play on an iPoker skin (can be modded), and really don't want to disclose my screenname.

I recently went from playing 17/15 to 20/17, and seems to be w...

almost 10 years ago

Coaching - How much use would 1 hour be?

Personally I learned A LOT from my first hour of coaching, however, I were playing a lot and had spend massive amounts of time watching videos and posting on forums, so a lot of it was focused o...

almost 10 years ago

Getting a computer powerful enough for Holdem Mangager

I'm pretty sure that any new computer would be capable of running HM to your satisfaction unless you insist on 20 tabeling or something. I used to 8 table with a little lag on my old desktop (so...

almost 10 years ago


I recently saw a post on another forum where someone recommended using WTSD and and WD@SD for you HUD inorder to identify "postflop nits". I remember seeing this in a PAHUD layout 2 years ago, b...